Find Happiness in your daily life

Go find yourself and find Happiness

Everyone talks about happiness. But, no one really would like to know what really brings real happiness? Happiness is not about having 2 weeks off from work. It’s not about binge watching & eating. Well, temporarily you can find happiness in those things but, afterwards then what? Coming back to the same daily routine and becoming more anxious and depressed. This is not the story of one person. I mean literally, that’s the story of millions of people in the globe. So, I decided to write a blog on it and here I’m with my views.
We need to closely pay attention to the daily routine apart from our working routine. A very basic idea of daily routine is what time you wake up? What time do you take lunch/dinner/supper. How much tv you watch and how much time do you spend with your loved ones? It’s not just that, it’s also about how much time you give it to yourself for your personal growth & development. Most of us need to face the hard truth that, once we get out of school we hardly spend our time with books and writing. We have become increasingly busy in our work life. Most of us don’t even have 15 minutes out of 24 hours to take care the physical health of our body.
We spend like hundreds of thousands of dollars to go seminars to find the meaning of life. I’m putting one thing straight up there’s no secret recipe for finding meaning in life. Meaning of life is deeply embedded in how well you take care of yourself while enjoying your daily life. That’s it!
Make a list of things that you do in your daily routine either you are working or not starting from the time you wake till the time you go to the bed. Make a list of all evil things that is making you unproductive. You will be amazed to find out the results.
One clear cut difference between the most effective and lazy ones is that, people who really pay close attention to their daily routine are less anxious, less resentful and bitter. The goal is not to do something special in your daily routine. The goal is to make your mundane life extraordinary by focusing on doing good social acts.
I can only imagine if we start taking our lives seriously then, there’s nobody dare to act like hinderance to our mission.
Our mission is to become good. Be good and carry out our humble acts for the common good.
So, find joy in your daily routine!