The dark truth about elites and globalists

In this blog post, we need to talk about the real face of globalists who say on cameras that, they care about common people, but the reality is far different from what they say.

The dark truth is this world is run by the elites and globalists. They are the one who give money to the politicians to win the elections. They are the ones who are the biggest donors of the top universities around the world. Not only that, they are the ones who control UN, IMF and World Economic Forum (WEF). Their presence is felt every where. They are the ones who take every major Decisions and even the head of the state is nothing in front of them.

Over the period of time, we are witnessing the sharp decline of moral standards. Young people can’t even know the basic difference between men and women. Sexual indoctrination is taking place every school of America. People who stand for right things are thrown behind the bars. People who speak against man made covid virus are tortured every day. The health system in the west is in crisis. The banking system is in crisis.
The decline of the west didn’t happen in a single day. It happened over the past few decades and we are witnessing the consequences of the ill policies of our policy makers.

All the the ineffective policies have one mission is to make common people more weak. How do you make people weak? It’s simple… you confuse them about unlimited genders, you take away God from their lives. You make a cashless society. You make oil and gas bad for the environment. When you make people helpless and give more power to the evil ones who are sitting on the top positions of UN, WEF, IMF, vanguard, black Rock and NATO guess what? Humanity is gonna suffer. We are seeing this in America. People are suffering. When you concentrate more power at the top and treat others like slaves then, it leads to violence. It disrupts peace and prosperity.
The dark truth about globalists they are bunch of crackheads. They believe in making people weak. They believe in satan. They hardly give any damn about peace and prosperity. One thing we can all do is to stop believing in them. Stop giving them the same place of God.

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  1. Don’t forget to put WHO on the list 😁