Hi my name is Kush Sekhri. I am here to share little bit about my life experiences, my journey to meaning and purpose so far and how it has shaped my values and beliefs.
My journey actually starts from India, grew up in a very conservative family. I don’t wanna to describe how a typical Indian Family works, it’s just incredible. I came to Canada when I was only 19 years old and negotiated with my Mom and Dad ( involves a lot of crying by the way!) All I knew that I didn’t want to study in my home town. When I studying high school, my first hand experience about writing came when I was in Grade 6th, I was preparing for a speech day and night that I needed to deliver in the class. I was nervous and it went well and ever since then, I fell in love with writing and reading.

I have had some ups and downs in Canada but, it’s all part of learning experience. Well, Canada can teach you a lot of things like students not only need to study well but, also have to work to ease some pressure from their families. One has to go through tough changes to make things happen. It’s a daunting task but not an impossible one. In Canada, I really learnt about one thing that is one needs to have good communication skills to survive. I was on mission, my head was clear only one thing was coming out of my mind “ I need to do well in school” After spending 2 years in the college, I got work permit for 3 years and again I was very clear- crystal with my mission, get a full time job and secure my Permanent Residency and after working on Permanent Residency I asked my-self what’s next? So I decided to make this website where I can share my life events with others to inspire them


Why I have created this website

I was always intrigued how pain and suffering is vital for finding meaning in life. When I was back in Ontario I used to work in the mall and every time I went to work I saw senior people sitting on the couches looking at the ceilings and probably wondering where the hell they were….. well I knew the reason what made them to knock at the doors of the mall early in the morning, for few it was a good time to shop when it’s not crowded but, for the most of them they were lonely and hopeless  I see that young people especially young men are in desperate need of finding meaning and purpose. Believe me or not without meaning there is no difference between us and the animals. Meaning can only be found in taking noble, humble and forthright responsibilities and hardly anyone talking about it in the West. Our politicians are so much busy in selling rights that no one is caring about the other side of the coin and I am making small efforts to restore balance between them.