Never ending love and relentless faith!

There’s a fountain of never ending love flowing with in you. The only way I can say that, we all are created by God in his image. In this blog post I will be talking about never ending love and relentless faith! It’s quite obvious for us to fill our heart with resentment and suffering when things are not going according to our way of life. We start putting blame on others. We start hurting ourselves with nihilism. It feels like if this is not working out for me then, nothing won’t. All of a sudden we become negative. This negativity only breeds negativity. Imagine your life full of resentment and bitterness. It’s hard. I don’t understand How you allowing yourself to fill yourself with so much of hatred? Now imagine a life of full of grace and love? Imagine a life full of happiness and joy? Sounds wonderful right? You can do it. Everyone can do it. You have a choice of either bringing happiness in your life or bringing misery. It all depends upon your actions. It all depends upon what you decide to do. We all got 24 hours in a day. It’s you who have to decide which way you have to go. Whether you want to bring heaven in your life or hell. The only way to have never ending love when you have relentless faith in God and in yourself. Trust in God with all of your heart and soul. Even tho, life seems unbearable sometimes… as long as you are alive keep the relentless faith. I know at first it’s hard, but you want a good life you gotta have faith. Faith comes easy when there’s fountain of love within you. Never ending love leads to relentless faith

The political state of Canada.

The political state of Canada used to be good. It was considered way better than the political state of US. The things have changed drastically Ever since liberals are in the power for more than 9 years. In this blog post, I will share you the dire state of Canada. Even, I’m confused from where to start? Should I start with housing or should I start with the radical climate change action plan of Trudeau’s Government? It seems like anything Trudeau touches… it just not working out for him and for his party. Believe it or not, it wasn’t like that before. Things rapidly gone worse after Corona virus. All the lockdowns and the vaccine mandates have turned Canada from a free nation to a communist. Some Neo cons liberals sitting in Ottawa are proud of the accomplishments of Trudeau government, and have become totally blind. Canada used to be hot spot destination for immigrants from all around the world. It’s sad to say that, Trudeau has turned immigration into his voting bank. With skyrocketing immigration, the housing market is out of control. Instead of closing the flow of millions of people coming into Canada, the government is focusing on its radical gender ideology programs. Instead of stopping crimes, the priorities of your government is to ensure how can they have healthy gender equality. Immigration is a total mess. Most of the immigrants coming to Canada are actually leaving cause of the poor living standards. Housing market is a complete trash despite all the money spent by Trudeau on the advertisements. Total waste of money. He promised to build 500k houses every year. Unfortunately, Canadians still can’t afford to rent or own their dream homes. This government is also responsible for destroying the mental health of our kids by forcing gender ideology onto them. Lockdowns made the situation bad, but the indoctrination of kids into gender ideology has made the situation more than worse. On one hand kids can’t read and write and do the basic maths, but somehow, they are being taught about there are more than 2 genders. When it comes to foreign relations, Trudeau is not even have any spine. No one takes him seriously other than Ukraine. Canada should have no right to fuel the war in Europe by sending taxpayers money, but guess what? He doesn’t give a fuck. All he cares about Ukraine and more Ukraine. He claims he stands up for democracies for all around the world but, he is the one who froze the bank accounts and took away our freedom with his emergency act. He is total disgrace when it comes to leadership role. No wonder why his approval rating is so low among Canadians. So, this is what I have to say. Canadians need to wake the fuck up. I’m already awake. Are you?

Real Strength!

You are fortunate if you have strength. Everything in your life requires strength. If you wanna to wake up in the morning, it requires strength. If you wanna do something it requires strength. You can’t fake your strength. Anything that you have achieved is because of strength and everything that you are going to get is the direct result of strength. You should never under estimate your strength. The stronger your faith in something, the more strength you will have to face adversity. Your real strength is all based on what you think about yourself. There should be no damn reason you should be thinking petty about yourself. You have been created by God. You have His spirit in you so why you think so low of yourself? There’s no need. You matter. Your strength matters. I’m not just simply saying that. I’m not a motivational writer. I believe that, we are on this living planet to make some real changes with our real strength. When you have the capability to do anything, make sure that you make best use of your strength. In the Bible it says that, the glory of young men is their strength. So, young men you got strength to build your life out of scratch. You have the power to bring your loved ones closer to your life. Only God knows how many people feel so bad about themselves. Only God knows how many people don’t realize that they have the potential. They can turn their potential into positive strength by really working on it. There’s no magic road to success. It just involves intense work. It requires intense patience. If you are low on strength go and ask God to help you in life. Seeking help is not wrong. Staying weak is wrong. Blaming yourself is wrong. Blaming God is Wrong. So, stand up and work on your strength.

Your energy makes you lethal!

Your energy defines who you are! Your energy is the one that strengthens your inner beliefs and it’s your energy that makes you lethal. In this. Blog post we will talk about your inner energy. You are full of energy. That’s a great thing, but also very concerning thing. It’s a great thing because, without energy, you don’t have any existence. Your inner energy connects you with yourself and with the universe. I’m here talking about your sexual energy. Sexual energy is a gift from your Creator. It’s your sexual energy that brings charm on your face. It strengthens your character. It adds to your calmness. It makes you to take tough decisions in your life. It gives you the clarity in your life. It makes your life great when you understand its importance. It makes your life completely and utterly miserable if you spill your sexual energy. Your sexual energy makes you a living monster and get things done for you. Here’s my message to my fellow young men: When I talk about Sacred energy, it’s your sexual energy. You have 2 choices in your life. One, to spill that energy in an outward direction. 2nd to conserve and to nurture your energy. You can do literally impossible things in your life if you understand the importance of your sexual power. It will transform you into great individuals. A lot of young men are hopeless and depressed. The reason is they don’t have any energy left anymore to function their daily lives. They just don’t. They waste their energy on cheap thrills. I wonder why the mental illness is on the rise. The one and only reason is we are wasting our energy. When we don’t have any energy left, the. It will be easy for Satan to control all of us. This is exactly what is happening. For young guys, it’s is Must that they work hard to conserve that energy and don’t spill it. At the end, if you want a good and easy life then start care about your Sacred energy. If you want hard life, the. Keep wasting your energy. Your sexual energy makes you Lethal

How can faith become your reality?!

  You can say what ever you want to say. You can believe what ever you want to believe in, but only one thing that really matters is the reality. It’s the present moment. You might have thousands of things going on in your mind, only one thing that really makes sense is how can your faith become your reality? In this Blog post, we will talk about it. I have observed many interesting things in my life. One of the things that really intrigues me that, all of us have hopes in our lives. There’s not one single person on this living planet who doesn’t rely on hope. Most of us have faith in our hopes. We all want beautiful and thriving future in our lives. If we all hope for good future then, why most of our hopes fail? Why do most of us die in endless hopes? There’s hope and there’s Faith. Most of us are living only in these 2 dimensions. No one is talking about there’s one thing that links hope with the faith and that is ‘Actions taken in present’. The more the actions you take, the more stronger your faith becomes. Having endless hopes won’t get you anything done. I’m not saying having hopes is a bad thing. It’s the first thing you need in your life. All I’m saying is that, having too many hopes leads to too much of burden on your shoulders. Only hopes doesn’t add any fuel to your faith. That’s why I said it to you that, you can say what ever you think, but there’s only one thing that really matters is what actions you are taking to strengthen your faith. When you take actions, it’s either you succeed or you just keep trying. Some people are so tired of making actions so, they have given up. When you take actions and you have faith in God and in your hard-work, then you will not fail. You might encounter problems, but guess what who doesn’t have problems? The answer is… the only dead ones have no problems. You have problems. I got problems. So instead of complaining and whining all the times, you work on your actions. You have strong hope, but your action must be more stronger than your hopes. I hope, you got my point. So make your actions great again!

Energy 1.0

I have written couple of blogs on human Energy, but still my mind is not very satisfied. The topic is very intriguing and it just makes me to write even more and more about it. I have written blogs like your energy matters, Your energy makes you lethal, Your energy is Sacred. In all of those blogs, my main focus was on your energy is a gift from your Creator. It connects your energy with the energy of God. In this blog post I’m going to focus more on this and we will try to go beyond and understand the real essence of Energy. If you are thinking about that I’m going to write about you need energy to function in your daily life and you can get energy from food then, you are all wrong. I’m not going to say anything like this. You know about it so well. The main focus of your energy is to know only about the ‘ONE’ . Your energy should only be devoted to know about the brilliance of the ‘ONE’ who created you and put you forth in this universe. Your energy must only be flowing with in you. The flow of your energy should always be inward. It shouldn’t not be 99% of the time outward. Sadly, this is what we are doing. We are 24/7 chasing something everyday. Everyday, we are chasing something that makes no sense to all. Someone of us chasing money, chasing lust, wasting our time on drama. It’s fine if you wanna to live for the world. It’s fine if you wanna to die for the world. What’s the fun of living and dying if you continue to flow your energy to know the outside world. The outside sun shines every morning, but what about the inside Sun? Why there’s so much of darkness with in you? Why don’t you allow the Sun of energy to work inside you? Your energy matters. It only matters if you are completely honest with your-self. The problem is that we stress so much about being honest with the outside world and forget about being honest with ourselves. Whatever type of energy you generate, it will reflect outside. The only reason why you are so low in energy because, you never understood the principle of energy. It’s always there. You can never destroy it. All you can do to channelize your energy into something creative and there’s nothing more creative than knowing the ‘ONE’ the Creator. In order to know him. You need energy. You need to protect your sacred energy. Don’t let it spilled.Don’t let it wasted on cheap thrills. You need to save Energy with in you and soon the rocket of energy will ascend into brain and mind and fill you with the love of God. People who hate God are low on Sacred energy. Don’t be that person.

Don’t be too much tolerant!

  Yes, you read it right. I’m not against tolerance. I’m in full support of tolerance. In this blog post, I will talk about which side of tolerance I don’t like. I support tolerant people who always go for seeking truth. I like people with patience who work constantly to improve their skills. I think we need more patient people in this world. We need patient civilians. We need patient scholars, scientists and employees. I’m in all support for patient trainers who work their tail off to provide good training to the new employees. I hate tolerance when you know that, someone is ruining with the fundamentals of life. I don’t understand why we are accepting garbage in the name of tolerance. Everyone knows that, there are only 2 genders in this world. Either you are a man or a woman. It’s so bullshit for us to accept that, there are more than 2 genders in this world. We are being forced by the elites and the governments that, you have to tolerate it. If you say anything against it then, we will charge you with hate speech. This is complete nonsense. By tolerating lies, we are encouraging kids to become mentally ill. Another thing we are forced to tolerate is climate change is real. Wildlife are taking place because of climate change. If Climate change was so real then, why are the banks still selling mortgages for 30 years? If climate change was so real why our elites and politicians travel with hundreds of cars? Climate change is just another word for complete control. The globalists and the elites don’t wanna to say it too loud so they came up with a term “climate change”. By the way, they have done nothing for the climate. They are forcing people to buy electric vehicles so they can have control over the cars. They have introduced carbon tax so that, they can exploit more people and put people back on poverty. They are making us to tolerate the bullshit of illegals. Radical leftwing lunatics are forcing us to tolerate those who have entered the country illegally. Private property rights are being exploited in many states of US. The democrats and the liberals are welcoming all the criminals and the rapists from other parts of the world just to show the world that, they support diversity. No more tolerance to their new world order agenda. Let freedom be celebrated. We didn’t get no rights from the government, but we got all the rights from our Creator. No more tolerance to their stupidity. Stand up for Truth.

Cut out the bullshit.

Hey, you? Aren’t you tired of the bullshit excuses you are making to yourself every single day? Every day, you do the same mistakes over again and again. You know pretty well that, the mistakes that you are making are not helping you in anyway. So, why don’t you cut down the bullshit and get back to work. You are put forth in this world to do something meaningful. You are made so that, you can bear the burden of responsibilities to do something good for the society. If you wake up in the morning, and don’t give a thanks to your Creator for creating you, and giving you a yet another beautiful day to live, I would like to say to you that, you better find something meaningful. You got immense potential in you. You are the one responsible for your potential. You can either create something out of it or you can go with full force and destroy it. Sadly, this is what our young men and women are doing. Just to satisfy their instant gratification, they go for cheap thrills. You know why young men and women are so unhappy cause they are willfully destroying their potential. For young guys, they are addicted to porn, masturbation, alcohol, drugs, weed. For young women especially, radical feminists are destroying womanhood by encouraging more and more young girls to objectify their sexuality. Young girls are taught that, if a man is trying to control you then, it’s an attack on your freedom. If your man saying things like your dress is too much revealing then, you leave him. Why we are teaching our young girls garbage? Why we are not teaching our young guys to be more responsible and it’s their job to protect and lead their family? I’m glad some young men and women are waking up. They are following the path of righteousness and that’s why I’m on the mission of seeking truth and open the eyes of my fellow young friends. Young men and women you need to cut down the bullshit and get back to work.

Wake up! Satan is not your friend

Yes, all of us need to wake up. Satan is not our friend. Satan is not a cool buddy. He is not here to give you any comfort. He is in your mind to destroy your peace. He is in your mind to put some doubts regarding your existence. In this blog post we will talk about satan is evil. He is cruel. He likes violence and you need to shun him. Why in this world some of us in the west is celebrating Satan. Why? What has gone so wrong in the last decade with all of us. Why are we tolerating things that are unholy? Why our governments in the west are deliberately destroying Christian values that inspire life? I would like to start with why are we celebrating mental illness? Instead of really helping our kids to find an identity in Christ we are actually encouraging our kids to destroy their inner peace by becoming trans. This is not right. No matter how many arguments you put in favour of transgenderism, I will still say to you that, it’s a sin. If we go against God rules, He will discipline us just like a Father disciplines his son. When a Father disciplines his son, it does not mean that he does not love him or doesn’t care about him at all. What it truly means that, he really care about his Son. It means that, he will do everything to protect the dignity of his son. I know that, satan will do everything in his reach to approach you. He will say to you that, what’s the point of doing so much of hard-work? What’s the point of being so honest? He will say to you that, come and follow me and I will make your life comfortable, but actually he forgets to mention you that, he is just making your life like a living hell. In this world, everyone has to suffer for a good cause, even Jesus Christ suffered. He went through immense pain and suffering. He could have gone the easy way, but He decided to take the path of suffering and pain. In the end He became eternal. He defeated death. Death lost its grip on Him. The question is not about having a comfort in a life. It’s about glory. It’s about having eternal life with God. The eternal life with Christ is worth more than the comfort life which is built on lies and dishonesty of Satan. So, if you really make a good friend then, be with God. He will fill you with peace. Follow Him. He created you. You are made in His holy image.

Clean the damn mess out of your life please!

Today is a great day to decide that, you have good intentions of cleaning the mess that you deliberately created in your life. You have to take every possible steps to clean the mess. In this blog post, we will talk about it. Look, I know some of you are hopeless. You are doing your best to own up all the mistakes you have made so far in your life. You don’t want to end up 2024 with hopelessness. I’m with you. Now, it’s high time for taking actions. You should be done with empty words. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and get your life back. First action you need to do have a strong faith in your life. Your life is not just yours. You got it from the Creator. You are Created in His image. Your job is to bring glory to him. 2nd thing you need to do is to garbage all the anti depressants and all the anxiety pills you are taking. You know that, it’s not helping you. It works for a while and then, you feel the same shit. It’s like ‘same shit every different day’ 3rd thing you need to do is to read Bible/ Quran/ Bhagwat Geeta. What ever you believe in. You need to believe in God. You need to study Him. You need scriptures to guide your life. You need to love your God and have Faith in Him. 4th thing you need to do is to say No to Satan. Satan will say to you that, he will bring comfort in your life. He will say to you that, there’s no external life. He will say to you that, build your life on lies and dishonesty. Every scripture book you will read, it clearly say that, there’s an eternal life. The question is not about, comfort. It’s about glory. It’s about having eternal life. For having eternal life, build your life on the principles of God. There will be time, when you will say that, I can’t bear the burden of suffering anymore. I wanna to go back to the easy way. I will just follow Satan. For that particular moment, I just want to say to you that, hold the line! Your faith in God will never betray you. It will become stronger every day. You keep the faith. As long as you are with God, He won’t let you fail. You build your life around Him. Seek his guidance and He will help you cleaning your mess.