Fall in love with yourself everyday

Come, fall in love with yourself daily.

Fall in love with yourself is tough. Do you know that, what else is hard? Hating yourself. If you constantly do negative self talks then, it will have negative impact on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Love got no boundaries. I wonder why we consistently hate ourselves? Cause, most of the time we don’t appreciate the efforts we are making in our lives and in others who are associated with us. So, in this blog- post I would like to make you fall in love with yourself once again. Let me give a try:)
What does fall in yourself every day mean to you? We don’t ask questions like these to our inner-selves anymore. We are so much busy in our lives. Sometimes it’s even beyond my thoughts. Watching hundreds of motivational videos might make your mind positive for couple of days and then what? Nothing! Same boring life with no meaning and purpose.
I would say to you again and again… you need to fall in love with yourself by taking care of your responsibilities towards your life. Whatever you say to yourself everyday by just performing daily tasks of your life is what shapes your personality. The more positive & loving attitude you have towards your mundane lifestyle, the more happier you would feel about yourself.
We have a wrong perception about love. We think that, love has to be special. Love has to be an extraordinary. Love has to be out of box. That’s all baseless. I believe that, love is like a regular fuel that helps you to keep going in your life. In the journey of our lives, we need to refuel the love at various stops and that’s completely fine. Love by its own is nothing. It is only you that can bring life to the word ‘Love’
Just like we keep track of all our financial resources, the same way we need to keep track of how much love & compassion we are showing on others and how much we are getting back. The rule of thumb is that the more love you shower in others the more will come back to you from the universe. I don’t know the reason but, the universe works in a miraculous manner.
Even if you are tired, frustrated and bitter. You still need to show love. No excuses! When you start feeling good about others you will feel good about yourself. You will realize this, the moment you hit the bed.
At the end, focus on 2 key things
1. Show your love for others even if you don’t like it. At the end you will feel good about yourself.
2. Take care of your life seriously. Strive to be good person.
Repeat these steps daily and fall in love with yourself daily.