Become more rational.

Rationality is very rare these days. We are one of the most sensitive people in the human history. We care more about our senseless feelings than facing the truth. If you are rational and you have your unwanted emotions in check then, congratulations to you, you are a great human being.

Rationality, rationality and more rationality that’s what we need these days. You look at what’s being done in the name of invalid feelings… our kids are facing identity crises. They are not sure about their gender. Our leaders who we elect are not taking any rational decisions. They all care about the feelings. Instead of taking care of mass immigration, housing crises, and inflation our leaders are more worried about their self-image. They are more concerned about diversity, Equity and inclusivity. Instead of taking care of homelessness situation in Canada, we are sending money to Ukraine win the impossible war.

I get it we sometimes make emotional decisions based on the desires and passion but doing the same mistake again and again is not helping us. Any decision that is needed to be made must be based on truth and critical thinking. Even when you are going out for a marriage, you need to make decisions based on truth not on your uncontrolled emotions.
I’m not saying that, you need to be boring and calculative all the times. All I’m saying that, if you are seeing something that is not right, you need to investigate that thing by seeking truth. You need to be open and neutral before making any decisions. Your decisions should not be based on favouring someone you like. It should be based on facts. It needs to be well established on principles that are guided by faith.

A lot of men are suffering because, they made decisions on their feelings. They didn’t seek truth. They married wrong woman. They are in a complete wrong profession. Life is not the same for them. All I’m saying that, you need to enjoy truth and once you start enjoying truth and be honest with your self, then you will not fail. You will win every time. Be rational and seek truth.