You can’t change the fundamentals

DEI is bad for America

I believe that, we are doing our best to reverse all the natural forces and laws that helps in proper functioning of this world. One group is in particular trying to form new fundamentals and is failing miserably at every step. The name of the group is radical left wing. In this blog- post I will talk about what fundamental rules they are trying to change and how they will fail every time. Fundamentals are necessary.

Anything you have in this world has its foundation whether you are building a house or you are talking about human nature. Everything involves basic structure. When you try to build a house on sand, you know that it will fall down at any moment. Same goes with how you define what is a woman or what is a man? Clearly, radical leftists are doing their best with the help of corporate America and media to convince common people that, you can be a woman any time. Because your feelings are way more important than facing truth.

Sadly, we have seen that, transgenderism is being celebrated all over North America. Radical sexuality is being taught in our school system. I wonder why our school kids are facing mental challenges. This is one of the most crucial challenge we are facing in the society where people know that, it’s just not possible to change your gender overnight based on your feelings. Instead of standing for truth, our political leaders are the one supporting this mental illness.
Another fundamental issue we are facing right now is the utter incompetence of our corporate America. The HR of big companies are hiring people not on the basis of their skill set, but based on their skin colour, hair colour, number of tattoos and number of piercings they got. They are doing this all in the name of Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity. There’s no strange fact that why people in the past have boycotted some brands which are trying to divide America.
Any country that needs to function well has to have full control over its borders and immigration. Sadly, our leaders are trying to dilute the spirit of democracy and voting power of its own citizens by changing the whole demographic of the country. In order to change the cultural norms of any country, all you need to import people from the rest of the world. America is having crisis at the border and so as Canada with mass immigration. This is against the fundamentals. You just can’t defend immigration in the name of diversity and inclusivity.
The fundamental job of the media/journalist is to become the critic of the party which is in power. Their job is to become the voice of people not the other way around. Main stream media is a mess. People are losing their faith in fake media. That’s why, you look at CNN, CBC, Fox news, NBC lost all of their credibility.
At the end, one thing is for sure, you just can’t mess up with the fundamentals. You just can’t.