Clean the damn mess out of your life please!

Today is a great day to decide that, you have good intentions of cleaning the mess that you deliberately created in your life. You have to take every possible steps to clean the mess. In this blog post, we will talk about it.

Look, I know some of you are hopeless. You are doing your best to own up all the mistakes you have made so far in your life. You don’t want to end up 2024 with hopelessness. I’m with you. Now, it’s high time for taking actions. You should be done with empty words. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and get your life back.

First action you need to do have a strong faith in your life. Your life is not just yours. You got it from the Creator. You are Created in His image. Your job is to bring glory to him.
2nd thing you need to do is to garbage all the anti depressants and all the anxiety pills you are taking. You know that, it’s not helping you. It works for a while and then, you feel the same shit. It’s like ‘same shit every different day’

3rd thing you need to do is to read Bible/ Quran/ Bhagwat Geeta. What ever you believe in. You need to believe in God. You need to study Him. You need scriptures to guide your life. You need to love your God and have Faith in Him.

4th thing you need to do is to say No to Satan. Satan will say to you that, he will bring comfort in your life. He will say to you that, there’s no external life. He will say to you that, build your life on lies and dishonesty. Every scripture book you will read, it clearly say that, there’s an eternal life. The question is not about, comfort. It’s about glory. It’s about having eternal life. For having eternal life, build your life on the principles of God.
There will be time, when you will say that, I can’t bear the burden of suffering anymore. I wanna to go back to the easy way. I will just follow Satan. For that particular moment, I just want to say to you that, hold the line! Your faith in God will never betray you. It will become stronger every day. You keep the faith.

As long as you are with God, He won’t let you fail. You build your life around Him. Seek his guidance and He will help you cleaning your mess.