Your connections with God matters.


I’m gonna say to you, I don’t care what you really care, but one thing I’m gonna say that, I’m gonna keep talking about God and His wonders every-time. I got no shame to say that, I have faith in God with all the strength and courage of my soul. In all of my blogs I tried to glorify God and his art of creating this beautiful world. So, in this blog post, I will talk to my readers your connection with God matters. so, God make connections with God

There’s nothing anything like depression and anxiety. When people say that, oh! They have anxiety or, fee like depressed all
The times then, it really makes me to think like why? If you dedicate all of your actions and all of your work to dear lord then, you will have no anxiety. I also saying that, you can’t kill depression in a single day. You just can’t. You need to have a bigger thing/purpose in your life to defeat anxiety and depression. There’s no bigger purpose than having faith or having a good connection with God in this entire Universe. The entire universe is created by God. He is the one who built you and put you in this world to glorify Him. When you are on the God’s side, there’s no force in this damn bloody world that can defeat you. So, putting faith in God comes with practice. so, God make connections with God

This is how depression takes place and this is how you defeat depression:

Some point of your life you turned your back away from God, He was still there for you. He was waiting there for you to turn your back towards Him, but you didn’t. That was your first mistake. When you turned your back away, you tried to control everything in your life, but deep inside you know you fucked up badly. Instead of listening to God’s voice, you leaned on your own stupid understanding. You trusted your inflated ego. God was still waiting for you patiently, but you didn’t turn towards God. You ultimately started blaming things on others and became lonely in your life. When you became lonely in your life, you finally realized that, I fucked up badly enough. Time to surrender to God. You finally made turn towards God and put your faith in action and now everything is fine. Your connection with God is getting better and better by each passing day. This is how you do justice with your life.

I know for some of you things happened in your past and you turned your back on God. I know by denouncing your faith in God didn’t help you much. It has only made your life harder. So, why to make your life even more harder? God is patiently waiting for you and He gave you the choice either to put your faith in Him or in satan. If you put your faith in God, your life will become better and more prosperous. If you start believing in the lies of satan then, you already have a tough life and your life will get even more tougher so choose God.

Go and make some good connections with God cause, you need it.

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