Amplify empathy

In a world where people are looking to stab each other with their words and evil actions, make sure, you amplify empathy and humility. In this blog post, I want to talk about empathy and why we desperately need it and how it could change the world for good. So let’s get started.

We are living in a world where most of us have no patience. We like to control everything and everyone. When we fail to control things, we put blame on others. Blaming others leads to more blaming and more conflicts. In a world where conflicts are normal, you try to be the one bring smile on someone’s face.
I have noticed that, weak men and women always try to control everyone. They are very desperate people for power. No matter how hard they try to control others, they fail miserably. Weak men and women are mean and narcissistic. People who leave things on God and do their work what’s needed to be done are the most brave people you will ever encounter in your life. They multiply empathy and happiness. They always do their best to help others without having any intentions to take anything in return.

Make sure you be a grateful person. Before you go to bed even though you had a tough day or things not going in your way, you pray to God. He is merciful and Great.

Young people these days are anxious and resentful because they are not sure about their future. They think that the whole system is corrupt and because of rise of social media they have started to believe that, you need to show off to others. You need to brag about your fame and your wealth. You need to take pride in your fame. All I want to say that, fame and power can come and go. You might be having stack of cash today but who knows what kind of circumstances you will have in future?

One thing that’s always classy and attractive is not fame but your humility and your empathy towards others. Your job is to amplify empathy.