What you say to yourself really matters!

At least, think positive about yourself maybe, it will make the pain & suffering bearable

Words have powerful energy to convey things. It can be both positive and negative. It’s kinda hard to keep track of all different thoughts about life that come to our mind. Probably, tens of thousands of thoughts come to our mind. One good indicator of you being a charming/ positive person is that how closely you pay attention to your thoughts. In this blog post that’s what exactly what I’m gonna talk about.
In every blog, I try to talk about the problems the world is facing right now! I’m still figuring out what makes people resentful and depressed over the course of their lives! Couple of reasons that come to my mind were relying more and more on instant gratification, cheap dopamine, not seeking truth and listening to the senseless & baseless ideologies of both radical left wing and right wing. After coming up with those reasons, I wasn’t really satisfied. I started thinking about there must be something more to this. It must be about what we internally say to ourselves.
You can change your opinions according to your external situations but the mind knows all and whatever you say to your mind affects your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being!
I know that, most of you are going through hell. Maybe, some of you are thinking that, it’s better to die than to live. Wait a sec, now think about this, maybe, whatever is happening to you right now might make you a better person in future. Being positive is hard because it requires a lot of energy, efforts and creativity. Whereas, negativity is everywhere. Negative things are everywhere. Negative people are everywhere. You actually make less efforts to become resentful. Whereas, good thoughts/things always take time and in long run transform you into a better person.
I have said one thing many times in my blogs that, it doesn’t matter how many negative thoughts come to your mind during the day but, make sure when you hit the bed , be grateful inspite of your problems. It is very crucial for you to start and end your day with positive thoughts and learn to balance your thoughts during the day (focus on more positive than negative).
Write down negative thoughts and feeling. It will help you to reduce your anxiety and stress.
I know it’s hard to start your day with some positivity. Soon, one positive thought leads to 2. 2 leads to 4 and 4 leads to many! So, put one thing straight to your head… you need to be positive with your thoughts and treat yourself little bit better