Consistent disciplined daily routine

Motivation vs Discipline
Motivation vs Discipline

There are like hundreds of thousands of videos can be found on you tube. We can listen to as many as podcasts about inspiration on the internet but, we need to ask this- does it all make any sense to us? We need to ask, even after watching a very energetic motivational video on the internet, we might charge up ourselves for an hour or let’s say for a day and then what? Same boring daily routine… no energy. Instant gratification every time. Depending on cheap dopamine every day. Complaining and whining. It just goes on and on… in this blog post let’s create consistent disciplined daily routine.

How to create a consistent daily routine?
Take a pen and a paper and draw a line in the centre. Name first column- “things that make me productive” Name second column- things that make me unproductive write down honestly whatever comes to your mind.
I think 3 biggest energy draining activities that we do daily are- 1. Aimlessly scrolling down on our social media accounts. 2. Watching videos online. 3 playing video games all day long.
Once you figure out the unproductive things that you are doing, you could save up to 2-3 hours daily but, it takes courage to make a decision. Always take baby steps to include new productive habits like reading, writing, exercising and travelling in your life. Consistently increase the presence of good habits every day in your life by getting rid of bad habits steadily.

Start prioritizing your day to have fun at the end of the daySet priorities to thrive in the world!
I make sure that before showing up at work, I go for reading, physical exercise and writing my blogs. If you ask me how does it feel to you? It’s awesome. If I don’t do the things that are good for constructive thinkingConstructive Thinking then, I think I am missing out something. Always put constructive habits on the top of your list because, personal development reflects positive changes at work place.
If you think that, you are spending too much time social media, have the courage to turn your phone off and go out of your room and walk in your house until you feel good.
Motivation can make you feel like unstoppable for a day or may be for 2 days but, consistent daily routine shapes you best for your future. It brings out high values and the people can smell those high values when they interact with you.
Be consistent and be unstoppable!