Righteous war!

There’s a righteous war going on in the west. There’s a war between those who are with the humanity and those who support marxism in the west. Make sure you are on the side of humanity. Make sure you are the part of this righteous war. Make sure truth wins at the end of the war.

It’s sad to see people are justifying things that are morally not right. It’s sad to see people are not thinking in a sensible manner and rejecting common sense. For instance, I have said many times that, indoctrination of kids to sexuality is morally incorrect. Validating invalid feelings among kids like you can be a boy or a girl and your gender is fluid across your life time makes no common sense. Our schools have gone too far when it comes to woke culture. We need to take the side of truth. We need to solve this issue with some compassion and truth instead of validating irrational feelings among our kids. The truth is there are only 2 genders and the genders are assigned to you at time of your birth.

We are in a righteous war against crime. The leftists say that, by having stronger gun controls will help them fighting the crime. I really wish if it was true. Sadly it’s not. When you give guns to good people, they will use that gun for their defence against the violent criminals. They can defend their families too. It’s easy for criminals to get a gun. It’s easy for violent people to attack sensible people with guns… by just snatching guns away from good people, you are just giving them to goons. If you think that by just taking the guns away would solve the crimes then good luck with that. Criminals can use knives, hammers and cars. They can use anything that comes to their mind and kill you with that. So what would you ban next?

Yes, we are in the righteous war. We have been taught that there’s no God. Your government is your God. People are being encouraged to shun their faith in God and start believing in new world order. People who still have faith in God and in family are seen as real criminals. Government makes less efforts to protect those who are morally right and stand with truth.

I have no fear of taking sides. I know that, I am on the side of God. I’m on the side of truth. I’m in this righteous war to educate people about how woke culture is destroying the world.