Our hearts desire freedom.

There’s no life without freedom. There’s no creativity without freedom. There’s no action without freedom. There’s no love without freedom. The bottom line is this: Our hearts desire freedom. Freedom has no price tag (except $44 Billion dollars paid by Elon Musk to buy twitter) when I say freedom, I don’t mean that, there should … Read more

Your family matters!

Over the period of time, we have been taught about it’s better to become self-centred. I get it. In life we get too busy. We have to follow the tight schedule. We have to do the daily routine, but your family matters. It maters cause, your family transforms your character. It shapes it. Spending time … Read more

Choose God!

I don’t know what’s so wrong with the western liberal society? We are shy away from choosing God. In school and colleges, we don’t often talk about God and His teaching anymore. We have been taught about it’s better to put your faith in left wing ideology than in God. In this blog post, I … Read more

Daily routine matters

Why do we take our daily routine so lightly? It’s the most crucial thing of our lives and it should be given importance. In this blog post we will focus on how can we improve our daily routine? What can be done better to make it more productive and have happiness in life. Most of … Read more

You need to be selfish!

You need to be selfish! Yes, you need to be absolutely selfish when it comes to you. Being selfish isn’t bad. Whatever society usually says doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. We have been taught that, being selfish is bad. If you are selfish then, it means you are taking unfair advantage of others. In this … Read more

Who controls the big corporations?

If you think that the CEOs control the big corporations then, I would like you to think again. It’s definitely not the head of the companies and not even the promotors. We will find the answer of this question in this blog post. Big corporations are everywhere in the world. When it comes to food … Read more

You got a sacred value

  You as a person has an immense value and integrity. With all the resentment that is currently ruling our lives, we have devalued ourselves. We have become very much skeptical about our identities. I am here to tell you that no matter what colour of your skin is? What’s your ethnicity or what race … Read more

Woke Politicians

We can’t just blame the woke culture on the globalists/ elites. We need to make our leaders and our politicians accountable for spreading radical woke culture. Radical woke politicians are destroying our beautiful nation. In this blog post, I will show you how? When your own government tries to hide truths and intimidate you by … Read more

Dose of reality!

  Everyone is living in their own world. Every one of us have different sets of beliefs and opinions. When the time is tough, no one likes to face the reality. Even though we know the real consequences of shying away from the reality but, we still manage to run away from hard core truths … Read more

Leave the kids alone!

  Gender ideology is taking place in every school and colleges of America and Canada. We are living in the moment of perversive censorship. It means that, if you say anything against radical gender ideology, you are termed as racist. Our kids need concrete direction. They don’t need to be confused about their gender. Enough … Read more