Life goes on

Does life really stop flowing whether you are delighted or not? Does it really care about how much money you have in the bank account or how much authority you hold over others? No. Life just goes on.

We often say to ourselves that, we wish, the happiness never ends and the days of trouble stays far away from our lives but, does life really care about your opinion or my opinion? No. It doesn’t. Life is like a river. The river knows that, it has to keep flowing regardless of anything comes in between its way and finally surrender itself to the Ocean. The same is true with the life too. Regardless of the trouble or the happiness we face in our lives, it just continues to flow until life finds itself again with the Universe!

So, the question is this, what we can learn from the flow of life? I believe that, one major thing we can take out of life is not to get overly excited when happiness arrives at the door or not to get too much depressed when the life brings some problems. Most of us including me take things for granted but, life really shows that, we have to take good care of those who truly love us with honest intentions and not to hate the ones who bring unnecessary pain and suffering in our lives but, to keep moving forward with good spirit.
I’m not sure about how you deal with the good times and the bad times but, one phrase I often ponder and it goes like this- ‘This too shall pass’ so, what’s the point of living with unnecessary ego and hatred? We need to ask ourselves that, where has it taken us? The only answer that is coming to my mind is that, No where! All I know that, it will continue to bring good days and bad days. All we can do is to not to take anything for granted. We need to keep loving those who love us the most and being grateful to those who tried to make our lives full of trouble but, ultimately opened our eyes and lifted our spirits to the new heights!
At the end, I would say to you that, life goes on whether you care about it or not but, you choose to take good care of it for those who love!


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