Road to heaven is worth taking!

We all are travelling on some kind of road. We all are going somewhere. We all are busy in our journey. We all are in hurry to attain glory. We might be travelling on different roads, but there’s one road that is worth travelling and that is road to heaven.

By heaven I don’t mean having some random fun by just showing to a club or just watching Netflix. Fun is a cheap word and there’s no comparison of word ‘fun’ with word ‘Joy’. You need fun every day. You probably do so many things in life to have some kind of fun and you always need to keep working and keep worrying to feed your desires and passion. Eternal joy does not drain your energy. You might derive fun from various sources, but in order to bring Joy into your life, you need to surrender to God. You need to be grateful to Him not just for a day but every single day.

Road to heaven is beautiful but narrower one. Other roads are wide but not so beautiful cause they are crowded. Road to heaven is less traveled and less explored road. The reason being we have some how and someway lost our attachment towards God. In today’s world, we believe that, there’s nothing wrong in worshiping devils. For some of us we have established great connection with Satan. Satan is continuously pushing us to do evil things and there’s no need to repent because there’s no God. Sadly, most of us are believing what he is saying and maybe, that’s why we are not finding true happiness and joy in our lives.

By not listening to God and not following His words we feel less energetic and everything stresses us out. Anything we do, we feel like someone is draining energy out of us. I believe that, there’s some kind of magnetism on the face of ones who have faith in God’s words. That man is full of faith and courage. He always find the way to fight with challenges.
Over the course of my life time, my faith in God has become deeper and stronger. With all the crazy things happening in the world, I’m pretty sure about while others losing their sanity while I am constantly bringing myself closer to God.
Road to heaven makes perfect sense who are only focused on bringing glory to God. I urge everyone to surrender themselves to God to find faith in humanity.