Wake up! Satan is not your friend

Satan is not your friend

Yes, all of us need to wake up. Satan is not our friend. Satan is not a cool buddy. He is not here to give you any comfort. He is in your mind to destroy your peace. He is in your mind to put some doubts regarding your existence. In this blog post we will talk about satan is evil. He is cruel. He likes violence and you need to shun him.

Why in this world some of us in the west is celebrating Satan. Why? What has gone so wrong in the last decade with all of us. Why are we tolerating things that are unholy? Why our governments in the west are deliberately destroying Christian values that inspire life? I would like to start with why are we celebrating mental illness? Instead of really helping our kids to find an identity in Christ we are actually encouraging our kids to destroy their inner peace by becoming trans. This is not right.

No matter how many arguments you put in favour of transgenderism, I will still say to you that, it’s a sin. If we go against God rules, He will discipline us just like a Father disciplines his son. When a Father disciplines his son, it does not mean that he does not love him or doesn’t care about him at all. What it truly means that, he really care about his Son. It means that, he will do everything to protect the dignity of his son.

I know that, satan will do everything in his reach to approach you. He will say to you that, what’s the point of doing so much of hard-work? What’s the point of being so honest? He will say to you that, come and follow me and I will make your life comfortable, but actually he forgets to mention you that, he is just making your life like a living hell. In this world, everyone has to suffer for a good cause, even Jesus Christ suffered. He went through immense pain and suffering. He could have gone the easy way, but He decided to take the path of suffering and pain. In the end He became eternal. He defeated death. Death lost its grip on Him. The question is not about having a comfort in a life. It’s about glory. It’s about having eternal life with God. The eternal life with Christ is worth more than the comfort life which is built on lies and dishonesty of Satan.

So, if you really make a good friend then, be with God. He will fill you with peace. Follow Him. He created you. You are made in His holy image.