Why world needs responsible people

This world is a complex one but a beautiful one. In order to make sure that world keeps on functioning and stay beautiful we need competent and responsible people. We need people who believe in ethical and moral actions to bring good to the universe. In this blog post, we would try to understand about why we need competent & responsible people.

We need to know that, who are competent people?
Competent people are one who focus their energy into something productive and creative. A competent person is someone who turns his idea into actions and has solution oriented mindset.
It’s so easy to write things like competence is the key to make sure that, world keeps afloat most of the time. The real test of competence comes when life gets real hard and when there’s darkness! In order to be a responsible person, you have to go through challenges. You have to go through temporary pain. Who knows that, you might have to face some failures to get better in your life but, that’s what life is all about. A competent person knows that, all he needs to be consistent with his actions and someday his efforts are gonna pay him great success.
As I said earlier, this world is a complex world. It got a complex social hierarchy system. Everyone is the part of hierarchy system. This hierarchy system rewards those who have the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn the new ideas and turn those ideas into action. With competence, comes responsibilities and with responsibilities comes great power. No doubt, we had some people who exploited their power in the name of greed but, does it mean that we should not become competent? I would like to remind you that, the world had great leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa, who put their competence first and sacrificed themselves to bring good to the world.
We need great leaders, politicians, civilians who have solution oriented mindset and improve lives of all of those around them. The world is in desperate need of competent men and women than ever before.
It’s so sad to say that some leaders in the west are trying to put end of competence and bringing a system of equality and only God knows how much money they are spending in the name of equality. The world is in need of competence rather than equality. You need best universities, best hospitals, responsible civilians, competent doctors, lawyers, engineers. You name it!

You can not turn ordinary people into great in the name of equality. Don’t get me wrong we need all the resources to make someone skilled but, most importantly we need learning mindset and sad to say that, everyone doesn’t have learning mindset.

The world needs competent & Responsible people!