Competence is the real key!

Become Competent to dominate the world!

In order to make sure that, this world keeps on functioning well, we really need to understand this- what competence is really all about? So let’s get started.

Competence is the ability to do something successfully, effectively and efficiently. If you look the world around you, all successful people/ businesses are competent and that’s why they attract a lot of success and have a lot of political influence (power). A Competent person has a higher position in the hierarchy. A higher position in hierarchy means higher level of responsibilities and with responsibilities comes power.

In order to understand the whole game of hierarchies, think about a local restaurant. A manager has more responsibilities than coworkers. He is accountable to the owner of the restaurant. With more responsibilities come more power. Most of the cases a manager has the power to hire/fire people. He has the power to implement the policies to improve the overall structure of the restaurant. In order to reach the top of the Formal chain, One has to be competent. There is no other way around.Consistency is the key

It is competent hierarchy system that is keeping the world afloat. Dr Jordan B. Peterson was right when he was talking about the world needs more competent people. For instance, if someone is having heart problems, the family members of that person would look for competent heart specialist at local level to save the life. The same goes with plumbers, electricians, lawyers, world class players, civilians and leaders. In order to move the world forward we constantly need highly skilled people at every level possible otherwise, the world will crumble down.Consistent disciplined daily routine
There is no doubt that, when some people reach to the top of the ranking, they become corrupt, evil and try to concentrate the power for their own benefit. The world suffers terribly when highly competent people misuse their power. There is no wonder why people at bottom always resent power.
One thing that, you need to take away from this blog post is that, power is just the byproduct of being competent. People are more than happy to pay any price to the highly competent person to solve their problems. A highly qualified person has the ability to lead the world from endless chaos to peace. The world needs more people like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela to inspire the world.
Let’s get our thinking straight. Competence is what keeping us functioning in this world. The sooner you get it, the better it is for you.