Equalizing (equal outcomes) everything is not a solution

competent people bear the burden of running the world smoothly.

In modern society, we focus on equalizing everything. We are not only talking about equality in terms of opportunities but, some radical leftwing  politicians are demanding that, we should also go for equal outcomes. First thing you need to know that, it’s not practically possible. 2nd left-wing people are fooling you. Everyone talks about equality. It sounds cool but, what we really should be talking about is the competence.
You look at the education system, corporate system of North America particularly, a lot of emphasis is given on diversity, equality. There’s nothing wrong when you make efforts to include everyone in the mission or in the goal of expansion and growth but, at what expense?
I’m in huge favour of giving equal rights & opportunities to men and women but, why some politicians, globalists, main stream media houses are giving more and more emphasis on equal outcomes? When you start dividing everyone on the basis of their skin colour, race and ethnicity instead of focusing on competence then, there’s a big problem. Sadly, we’re witnessing the worst and people who are trying to step up are labeled as tyrannical.
For instance, you got 2 people and you give them the same amount of money and ask them that, you got 3o days to increase their wealth. One of them made a wise decision to put some money in stocks, real estate and mutual funds whereas, the other man thought that, he only got 3o days so why not, to put put money in gambling. You might get lucky with gambling for a day let’s suppose for 2 weeks but for 30 days? No way! Consistent efforts always beat luck in long run.
If I were to hire someone, I would hire for his attitude for competence instead of hiring some one on the basis of their skin colour, race, gender. Hiring on the basis on skin colour, gender and race always lead to downfall of any good company. Left wing people are bringing senseless woke culture in universities and in corporate America. I mean basically everywhere. You name it.
I wanna ask them that, what’s the point of dividing people if you can’t promote competence. The world needs competent plumbers, electricians, politicians, civilians, lawyers, doctors.
People who are competent earn more, admired more, live well, add more value to the society. Start focusing on competence instead of equal outcomes. You will go long way.