Start again

Instead of making any excuse why don’t you accept you have failed and start again with an experience? Starting again is tough. It’s frustrating, it’s time consuming and sometimes it’s expensive. If you ask me, it is worth it and the only reasoning I got is that as long as it helps in bringing positive change in your life.

There’s a difference between failure and quitting. Failure doesn’t necessarily suggest that all the doors are closed in front of you but, quitting something that you were working on for a quite while definitely means you have no intention to make efforts to find new doors. Failure doesn’t lead to resentment whereas, quitting definitely leads to it.
I know how hard it feels to start over again but, it’s even harder to stay at the same place. Money can stop coming but, time never stops. For instance, making plans to quit bad habits take time and failure is inevitable not just one time but many times. There will be countless moments of frustration and resentment during the phase but, quitting to improve your life definitely leads to regrets during latter stages of life.

There’s no shame of starting something again for a good cause. If anyone says to you it’s hard to start again then, remember what made you to commence again. Knowing your reason to restart helps your brain and mind to work together. It leads to more clarity and clarity leads to less restlessness.
I know for someone of you might be having difficult time in your relationships, finances and at work. What you need to do right know is to breathe in and breathe out. Go out for a walk alone and start again. I’m sorry if you are looking for some quick fix cause, I don’t have anything for short period of time but, all I can say to you is to leave everything on the universe and you focus on making efforts with genuine intentions.

Stop lying to yourself if your life is going upside down. You need to accept one thing- you made some failed attempts to rectify but, the efforts didn’t pay off well so, you have no other option else to start again. You can also view this one as life is not always fair and it will never be so, hard advice is to put your shit together whatever is left then, start again
Remember: There’s no shame in starting once again! So start now!