How can faith become your reality?!


your actions are a bridge between your hopes and faith!

You can say what ever you want to say. You can believe what ever you want to believe in, but only one thing that really matters is the reality. It’s the present moment. You might have thousands of things going on in your mind, only one thing that really makes sense is how can your faith become your reality? In this Blog post, we will talk about it.

I have observed many interesting things in my life. One of the things that really intrigues me that, all of us have hopes in our lives. There’s not one single person on this living planet who doesn’t rely on hope. Most of us have faith in our hopes. We all want beautiful and thriving future in our lives. If we all hope for good future then, why most of our hopes fail? Why do most of us die in endless hopes? There’s hope and there’s Faith. Most of us are living only in these 2 dimensions. No one is talking about there’s one thing that links hope with the faith and that is ‘Actions taken in present’.
The more the actions you take, the more stronger your faith becomes. Having endless hopes won’t get you anything done. I’m not saying having hopes is a bad thing. It’s the first thing you need in your life. All I’m saying is that, having too many hopes leads to too much of burden on your shoulders. Only hopes doesn’t add any fuel to your faith. That’s why I said it to you that, you can say what ever you think, but there’s only one thing that really matters is what actions you are taking to strengthen your faith.

When you take actions, it’s either you succeed or you just keep trying. Some people are so tired of making actions so, they have given up. When you take actions and you have faith in God and in your hard-work, then you will not fail. You might encounter problems, but guess what who doesn’t have problems? The answer is… the only dead ones have no problems. You have problems. I got problems. So instead of complaining and whining all the times, you work on your actions. You have strong hope, but your action must be more stronger than your hopes.

I hope, you got my point. So make your actions great again!