Your energy makes you lethal!

Your energy defines who you are! Your energy is the one that strengthens your inner beliefs and it’s your energy that makes you lethal. In this. Blog post we will talk about your inner energy.

You are full of energy. That’s a great thing, but also very concerning thing. It’s a great thing because, without energy, you don’t have any existence. Your inner energy connects you with yourself and with the universe. I’m here talking about your sexual energy. Sexual energy is a gift from your Creator. It’s your sexual energy that brings charm on your face. It strengthens your character. It adds to your calmness. It makes you to take tough decisions in your life. It gives you the clarity in your life. It makes your life great when you understand its importance. It makes your life completely and utterly miserable if you spill your sexual energy. Your sexual energy makes you a living monster and get things done for you.

Here’s my message to my fellow young men:
When I talk about Sacred energy, it’s your sexual energy. You have 2 choices in your life. One, to spill that energy in an outward direction. 2nd to conserve and to nurture your energy. You can do literally impossible things in your life if you understand the importance of your sexual power. It will transform you into great individuals.
A lot of young men are hopeless and depressed. The reason is they don’t have any energy left anymore to function their daily lives. They just don’t. They waste their energy on cheap thrills. I wonder why the mental illness is on the rise. The one and only reason is we are wasting our energy. When we don’t have any energy left, the. It will be easy for Satan to control all of us. This is exactly what is happening.
For young guys, it’s is Must that they work hard to conserve that energy and don’t spill it.
At the end, if you want a good and easy life then start care about your Sacred energy. If you want hard life, the. Keep wasting your energy. Your sexual energy makes you Lethal