Yesterday is Gone!

Yesterday is Gone!

whatever took place yesterday, it just happened. I can’t change it and you can’t change it either. Humans are weird creatures cause, we have the ability to think. We are emotional creatures. Emotions/feelings impact us. Even though deep inside us, we know that, yesterday is gone. Nothing can be done about past, we still somehow and someway wanna to keep holding to our past.

I know that, having complete control over the emotions are meaningless. If we just restrict our emotions, we are not really human beings anymore. Most of us don’t wanna to give up on past. Ask an Olympian how does it feel to lose in a race of 100 m. He would definitely say to you that, I wish if I had gone for a solid start. After working so hard for 4 years and still you can’t finish in top 3 is a pretty much heartbreaking for any athlete. As an athlete, you have to start again. You have to prepare for another 4 years and you still don’t know about the results. Your bad past breaks you into pieces. It puts so much burden onto your life that, sometimes, it’s just impossible to lift the pressure.

I can’t even say to you that, stop thinking about the past. It’s practically impossible to come out of past. It’s impossible to come out of the wonderful memories that you made with your loved ones! When most of us see the things are not going right in our present, you just give up and start living in yesterday. It’s like an addiction that gives us some kind of pleasure for short period and then, suddenly we find ourselves in a hell of pain and suffering.

I’m not saying that, you shouldn’t think about past. I’m not even saying to you that, don’t regret of your actions in past. I can’t stop you. Who am I to stop you? You are a human being. You got a freedom of choice. It’s your choice to stay in past or in present. We know the consequences of living too much in past. We deprive ourselves of our present opportunities and happiness.

If in any way, I wanna to convince you then, I would like you to do one thing. Just one thing and only you can do it cause, you have a soul of free mind and that is, every time when your past makes call to you, you have to say- yesterday is gone. I just got present.
Do not make your life unnecessarily hard. Just don’t do it!

Yesterday is gone!

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