You need some good competent people in your life

Human beings are social creatures. Don’t tell me that, life is short. Average life expectancy in the western world is little over 70 years and 7 decades is a long time on this living planet.
Ever since, we are born on this planet, we are always dependent upon someone. An infant is dependent upon his parents. When the person grows little bit older and start having some senses, he starts depending on his family and friends. I don’t know about you but, one of the most useless advice we get from social media is that, become a person who doesn’t need to be dependent on someone. Honest to you, that’s the most rubbish advice you can ever get from someone. One thing you need to know there’s no shame when you need help of someone in your life. The basic purpose of having a family and friends is to get help when you are in a problem. You definitely need someone with you when you are going through tough times. It makes it easy.
When I’m talking about friends what I’m trying to say that, you need to stay away from toxic people whose only purpose is to get high as hell on weekends. You definitely not need those friends who have trashy relationships with their families. They have to be at least some degree of responsible in their own lives. I know that, you don’t have the choice to decide your parents but, we are fortunate enough to decide who can be our friends. Why not to make good choices in that respect and instead of just looking for short term pleasure, why not we think for the long term when it comes to forming friendships.
I’m not saying that, you need to go out and pick anyone out of the streets and make him your friend nor I’m saying that, you need to have hundreds of thousands of friends but have some decent friends who are competent and responsible enough to push you towards daily improvements in your life.
You definitely don’t deserve to have friends whose only purpose is to bring senseless drama in your life. Don’t need drama man…

You need friends not drama queens in your life.