When in doubts go out for a walk.

If there’s anything that is dominating us day and night is our own doubts. One of the reason why we have so many doubts is because, we got too much of information about everything. With the use of internet, doubts about everything have increased by manyfold and it’s hard to keep track of them now!
Let me come to the point, there are many ways to release stress and going out for a walk alone is a very effective way to have clarity of mind. Thousands of things come and go in our minds and to be honest not all of them are useful enough. Since, all of us live a very hectic life and If you add more days, our minds face burden of tens of thousands of useless information and create doubts. In order to release the load we really make no efforts.
We often spend so much time to make things complex. We think that, every complex problem requires complex solution. If the solution is not complicated enough we are not impressed enough. If you are reading this, this thing should make you sad and force you to look for fundamentals to remove stress and doubts.
From Abraham Lincoln to the founder of Apple Steve Jobs had given so much stress on their daily walking to think clearly and divinely to bring positive change in the society. I was listening to a podcast couple of years ago on spirituality and the speaker was giving importance to walking 5 to 10 minutes every day and the impact he had on his life. He became more patient, he started paying more attention to his surroundings and started to write his experiences in his journal. The bottom line is this- he found peace and happiness in his life and actually felt less burden over the course of time period.
I don’t know if you have experienced it or not but, when I walk alone I hear angels whisper into my ears. They talk about what I need to improve in my life. They help me to make better decisions. I sometimes refer those angels to my inner voice. So far walking 4-5 times in a week is helping me work on thoughts. Good thoughts leads to good action. Good action leads to positive improvement in the life and in lives of people around me.
I urge everyone in order to reduce burden of useless thoughts walk at-least 4 to 5 times in a week and make tremendous impact in your life.