Write down your problems

write down your thoughts and feelings.

Nobody is perfect. We should all come out of dissolution of perfection. The reason why we are here is to justify our existence by making our lives less painful and resentful. I thought a lot about what’s the most effective way to deal with the problems and I came to the conclusion that, writing is one of the most effective way of living and solving the problems.
Who doesn’t wanna to have clarity in his life? If you don’t have the clarity where you are? And where are you going? then, you would just drift around in the middle of ocean and sadly, you would end up nowhere!
Now, the question is this: how to have clarity? Our brain is a thinking machine. Thinking requires a lot of creativity. A lot of energy. When a tremendous amount of energy is just consumed for thinking process then, brain starts to wander around. We felt like lost. The result is terrible. We become anxious and desperate to make things work out for us.
When you have a problem in your life like addictions, relationships and finances, you need to pick up pen and paper and write it down as clearly as you can. When you write it down, now you know what you are really talking about and let the brain and hands do their job. Your brain automatically starts thinking about the solutions of your stated problem on a piece of paper and your hands start writing about the solutions.
The goal of your writing is to release as much as mental pressure. You don’t have to look for the perfect answer. You just need a solution and one solution can lead to many solutions. You just need to move step by step. This is the secret recipe to remove unnecessary stress!
I wonder why our kids are so anxious and depressed. We have forgotten the basics. We need to teach our kids at home/school that, they need to write. They need to put their thoughts on paper. We need to establish a proper coordination between ours hands and brain. Right at the moment we are putting too much stress on our brains and taking less and less work from our hands.
When you start to pen down your feelings, it really helps you down to articulate your speech and thoughts. It helps you to formulate your arguments. Less confusion. You don’t seem stupid and foolish in front of people. Make a habit of writing for 5 minutes a day and I mean every day. Gradually increase it to 10-15 minutes according to your needs. Take a challenge for 30 days and see what positive change take place in your life. All you need to start from somewhere. Your motto should be
Write down your thoughts, write down your destiny.

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  1. I used to write on a site called 750words
    A space to dump all the random thoughts we wake up with or maybe creative or intentional thoughts, really whatever you wanted. Important part was to get them out. Either keyboard or pen & paper, can be very helpful!!