what is your inner voice saying to you?

If there is anyone who knows us best, it  is our inner voice. Anything we do or say there is always a voice deep inside us that guide us what’s morally right for us and how we should conduct ourselves to the outside world. In this blog post, My only aim is to make aware every one about our inner guide.

Our conscience is deeply connected to the universe. There is a direct relationship between the conscience and the universe. The more we are aware about our moral guide the more closer we feel connected toward the universe. The more we feel connected towards the  universe the more we enrich our lives and lives of all those who are associated with us.

Our conscience never say to us that, if bad things are happening to us, we need to do the same thing. It’s even true for vicious criminals. The only thing is that, some people do not make efforts to recognize it. The sad truth is that when we don’t listen to our inner voice, we suffer. We complain and become nihilistic. Just like time never takes break from its job, our conscience constantly keep knocking at our door and keep reminding us about picking up of noble and humble responsibilities to make our lives less suffering!

One thing is for sure- your loved one could lie to you. You could lie to them. You could deceive your family and friends but, how could someone cheat their sense of obligation? We can make our lives comfy by relying on technology. We can even devastate the entire world with nukes but, there is no way that, we can turn our face away from our sense of obligation ( inner- voice).
There is nothing more heroic than anything when, someone actually listens to his inner voice and follow the path of fulfilling his purpose in his life. In our mind we can fit as many as filters to see what’s good for short term. Hope leads to FaithWe might have some motives to accomplish things that give us status in the community but, our guide is free of motives like greed, ego and lust. All it wanna to have connection with the higher self and the universe! It is free from malevolence.

Have courage to listen to your inner voice. Even if you try to suppress it, it will only get louder and louder. My sense of duty persistently saying to me that, pick up your responsibilities to justify your existence and help millions to find their purpose of life.