Show a positive direction to your mind


 your job is to show the direction of positivity to your Mind and let leave everything on your mind

Your mind is one of the most crucial gift ever given to you by the creator! Your physical body can be damaged, wounded or killed. What about your mind though? Mind is formless/shapeless. It has no limits. In this blog post my whole purpose is to teach you that, never let your mind to go weak.

Human mind is one of the most curious thing to study about. Why is that curious? Cause, you will never get bored to know your mind. Just like sky has no limits and just like no one can measure how much water an ocean can hold, the same thing goes with human mind. Mind works 24/7. Even you are working, you’re still thinking about something. If you are sleeping you will still be thinking and dreaming about something! Anything we do or say it all starts with a single thought. Our thoughts have an incredible amount of power to help us to do something either meaningful or non- meaningful.
Believe me or not, we all are lost in our thoughts. It’s difficult to control mind. The moment you lose your attention, you lose your mind. Just like it’s hard to control winds the same thing is with our mind! I believe that, we all are working wrong with our minds. We all like to take control of it! I’m so tired when I hear that, we need to put our minds inside a cage like total control. I genuinely believe that, we need to come up with better excuses! If you are focusing on something negative then, how the hell you are going to control your mind from thinking negative? I believe that, we need to show a direction to our minds. A direction either in terms of positivity or in negativity. Rest we should leave everything on the mind to do.
Some people focus more on positivity, where as, most of us focus more on negativity than positivity. I know it’s hard when you are going through some shit in life and it’s hard to get the focused right but, whining and complaining everyday 365 days in a year is not helping your mind to change its direction. If you are showing your mind a path of negativity then, you are at the fault! Your mind is like an infant. If you ask your mind to go and get lost in dense fog, your mind will follow that! You are the master of your mind. Your mind has to be your slave!
Even if, 9 things are going wrong in your life and you are on the verge of losing everything then, find the 10th thing and do it right! Aim for good focus! Think about all the praises you are getting from your family members, colleagues. If you are thinking your family members are not very appreciative then, you need to do kind acts in your life and don’t ever ask for a return favour! A kind act will help your mind to change its course from being negative to positive!
One positive thought might not sound enough to you but, believe in consistency. Thinking of a positive thing during your day set you for the next day. If you just keep adding days then, one leads to 2, 2 leads to seven days and 7 positive things in a week leads to 30 positive things in a month and pretty soon you just keep adding months and then, start working on adding years!
Only thing you need to take away from this blog post is that, you are the one who shows a direction to your mind and then, your mind follow that direction without asking you a question. Whatever direction you show to your mind, make sure your mind brings back happiness, prosperity and above all meaning to your life!