Servant leadership part-2

In the first part of the servant leadership we talked about what is servant leadership and the guiding principles that we need to master it. We had also talked about in order for some one aspires to be Servant leader, he needs to be humble and set boundaries and face challenges. In this blog post I would like to talk about, why the world needs servant leadership and what our kids could learn from it.

This world is a beautiful one. The entire universe is created by the Creator. He has sent us on this planet to bring peace, prosperity and happiness into the world. I would like to ask my readers, in order to bring prosperity into this world what would you like your leader to do? I’m sure that, it can’t be complaining and whining. You want your leader to work, build and create all of those things that leads to peace and common good.
Servant leadership is not about serving the desires of those who want the world to suffer cause of their evil actions. It is about enlightening the world in the face of darkness with truth, just actions and a hope for better tomorrow. For servant leadership it’s not what we take from others but, what we bring on the table. We should always make sure that, no matter what action we are doing, we can always think about servant leadership in our mind. for instance, after done making food in the kitchen, we can clean up our mess so that, we make things better for next person to use the kitchen. We can always inspire others with small acts of kindness. Little things at the end adds up. Small creative things add beauty to the life. It makes your life beautiful cause you are the one doing act of kindness but, it also motivates the other person to look at the world with new perspective.

You can have all the power and money in the world but, you can still be worried. You might not sleep good cause, you might be thinking about, what would happen if all of my power is gone? Restless nights are not good. They only attracts misery and bitterness. With your mind focused on Servant leader at least, would allow you to go to bed peacefully cause, you will only be thinking about doing good acts.

I can only imagine that, what impact servant leadership subject would have on our kids if we start teaching them early on in their lives. The benefits are countless. I believe that, instead of teaching our kids about radical racism theories, gender identity and sexism, we should give our focus on servant leadership. We should teach our kids about it is their job to build, create and make things that benefit the entire human civilization and without servant leadership you can’t make this world a better place. We all are here to serve each others needs.

Let’s focus on servant leadership and live happily.