Don’t make kids weak & confused

Don't make kids weak & confused
we need to nurture kids in a careful manner to have high hopes for the future

Kids are the future. Stronger kids means more concrete future. If we nurture kids in a right & careful manner then, there are some good hopes for the future. Sadly, kids are increasingly becoming more and more confused about their biological identities especially, in North America. We need to come up with some kind of solution otherwise, things will soon go downhill and would be difficult to control.
Let’s start with schools. The education system is pathetic. Instead of teaching kids fundamental values like building, creating and preserving. Schools are teaching kids that, there’s no difference between men and women (biologically). They(schools) are teaching kids that, it’s okay to be gay. It’s okay to be trans, bisexual. Introducing radical sex and racism theories in the curriculum we are doing more harm than good to our kids.
Instead of teaching our kids that, life isn’t always going to be easy, we are doing our best keep our kids away from the life lessons that they can learn from history. We are making direct attack on our historical events. We are molding the brutal realities of history to please our kids. Indirectly in this way we are saying to our kids that, it’s okay to be weak, cry all the time and blame everything on capitalism and it’s okay to play the role of victims on social media to gain sympathy and empathy.
I wonder, why our kids/teens are so confused about making decisions of their lives. In schools no one talks about meaning of life can only be found in taking humble responsibilities on your shoulders. Hardly, anyone talks about how imperative is to make sacrifices in present for a better tomorrow. Another thing I’m against is that, why we are saying to kids that, it’s okay to remove the essence of God from their lives. It’s not. God is the creator of creating this magnificent universe. Instead of looking at God for his guidance we are encouraging our kids to look at celebrities, instagram models . Instead of putting faith in God, we have no more morning assemblies in schools anymore. No more communication to the higher power. This is so wrong with our school system and we are defending it by saying things like people need to become more and liberals but, at what expense? Ignoring the presence of fundamentals? Ignoring the essence of God? If these things make you a free person then have fun but, eventually, you will find no mental, emotional and spiritual peace. We need to come up with a solution.

Parents need to step up and cut the bullshit right off. They need to have open communication with their kids no matter what. They need to encourage their kids to stand for right things instead of falling for the trap created by the governments run on corporate money. We need strong values like justice, kindness, honesty, truth and humility. Making our kids physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong is a noble mission. We all need to play a part.
Don’t be confused and weak