Servant leadership part-1

servant leadership

There are many books written on Servant leadership. This blog is all about what I have understood about servant leadership so far. The basic meaning of servant leadership is putting the needs of others above yours. I know that, there’s more to learn about it like basic aspects, principles and values. I’m sure that, with sense of unpredictability in the world, we can really push over selves in the direction of servant leadership to make this world beautiful once again!
As I said earlier, the basic meaning of servant leadership is to put others before you put yourself first. When I read bible, every single night before, I go to bed, it gives me perfect example of how Jesus Christ selflessly sacrificed himself on the cross for all of us. I believe that, there is no other profound example of servant leadership than that. I also know that, we can’t be all Jesus but, we try to be humble.

Servant leadership doesn’t mean that you need to make unimaginable efforts to fulfill the greedy needs of the people but, what it really means is to work, build and create concrete structure in the society that leads to common good. The structure of living has to be based on humility, seeking truth, revering God, acting kind and serving others with justice. I know that, it’s a hard way to step into it but, with genuine intentions to bring good and fight evil with the guiding principles can lead society towards peace, prosperity and happiness.
It’s not that hard to see that, our society is running away from the principles of servant leadership and we are increasingly obsessed with our own identities every single day. Our leaders make every possible effort to censor their critics. Pandemic of covid 19 is a perfect example when some politicians tried to suppress covid 19 protests but, if the protests were taking place somewhere else, they would explode and say it’s an attack on freedom of speech and democracy. This is called hypocrisy. Anyone who aspire to become  a leader, needs to stand firm and listen to his critics more than anybody else. He needs to face the challenges and instead of forcing protesters to shut down.
I didn’t know anything about servant leadership when I was in school. One day, I was at public library in kitchener, Ontatio, I stumbled across the title servant leadership and I decided to pick up. I believe that, more more should be taught on it and Jesus Christ who mastered it in every school to fight with on going mental health crisis especially in the west.