Woke Culture in the west

Western civilization is based on fundamental principle of freedom of speech and expression. It’s not based on censorship. Over the past few years, we are faced with challenge of woke culture. In this blog post, we need to talk about this problem and how it is eroding our freedom to express our views.
When I was in India, I never heard about the word ‘woke’ but, coming to Canada, this word is on everyone’s minds. The fundamental meaning of being woke was to be conscious about strengths and weaknesses about the individuals irrespective to their skin colour, race and their ethnicity. The purpose was of wokeism was to empower people to take part in the economy by focusing on building, creating and adding value to the world but, unfortunately, the woke movement has been highjacked by the radical left wing people.
Radical leftists or ultra wokees are provoking people by saying, there’s no agency in the world. They are making people to believe that, patriarchy is responsible for their miseries. They have a very weird solution to end this patriarchy system by just doing violent protests. It is to do complain and whim about the traditional structure of the the world. Radical left wing people don’t tell people that, patriarchy is based on competence, not power. They are trying to brainwash young people by transforming them into the victims of patriarchy. This woke culture is doing more harm than good to our kids.
The fundamental problem with the woke culture is that, feelings of the people are more important than the truth. Governments, social media, streaming platforms like Netflix and globalists are trying to persuade people about, they should care more about their feelings than the truth. When more and more people run way from the truth guess what? It will lead to creation of weak people and with weak people, you can’t win anything.
Don’t worry, there’s a solution of every problem. Woke culture also has a solution. We just need to think beyond the woke culture especially, in schools. Kids need to focus on building and creating better future. I’m sure that, better way to build a future is not to complain but, to work and to take care of humble responsibilities. That’s the only solution.