Why I’m restless ?

Don’t punish your soul by being Restless

Why I’m restless? That’s the question that keeps popping in my mind and in the minds of many people. Day and night we are in a never ending race to impress the world. The race take place the moment you wake up in the morning and you get some break, the moment you close down your eyes but, the race never ends!

This race is like you are never satisfied with anything. It’s always more and more. We are never satisfied with our efforts and never content with the result. Even if we are satisfied with the results, one part of our mind always keep on saying to us that- oh! You could have done little bit better. The result of this kind of thinking leads to more resentment and more craving for perfection.

I don’t know about you but, I hate the word ‘perfection’. Even if you have the best car in the world, you will see more attractive cars than yours on the roads. It’s all work of our mind. Never sleeps and never let us to take some rest.

If you are thinking that, we should simply do nothing in our lives then, you didn’t get the essence of this blog. We need to focus on word ‘content’. The scriptures talk about it. Ancient philosophies talk about it and even in-fact some modern philosophies have given more emphasis on word ‘CONTENT’ than any other word.

So far I know that, being content with the things in life doesn’t mean that, you shouldn’t improve the things or you shouldn’t chase materialistic things but, with being content means materialistic things don’t dominate your mind and soul. If something/someone wanna to leave you then, you don’t become nihilistic in your life with the hole created by it. I know that, it’s very easy to say this but, every easy thing is hard to follow because you do mistakes and then, you do more mistakes but, you never lose your focus on the main thing and the most prominent thing is to reject the idea of getting into restless race to search for happiness by focusing on external factors.

One noble & humble thing we can all do is to stop punishing our souls and make some genuine efforts to listen to it. Our souls won’t say the direct things that it needs but, I’m sure that, it leaves us some subtle clues what it wants and we need to make efforts to connect the dots. One sure thing we can do is to undertake journey within ourselves to know our personalities (good and bad) little bit better.
Don’t be restless and punish your soul!