Bounce back

If you weren’t happy or satisfied with the year 2022 now is the time to bounce back.I have said it in many blogs that, there’s nothing you can change in the past. Whatever took place in past, it just happened. We can all take lessons mostly tough lessons and make sure whatever experience we gained from the mistakes, we can apply that experience to make a better life.

‘Bounce back’ is the new mantra for all of those who are desperate to bring good change in their lifestyles. I’m not talking about if you belong to right wing or left wing but, I’m trying to have conversation with your innocent souls. Most of us talk inequality in terms of everything especially when it comes to money and opportunities. We blame that, patriarchy is responsible for inequality but, I believe that we should blame our mind set.

For some people who think that, redistribution of wealth leads solution of inequality then, I just wanna to say to those it’s not gonna happen. Even if you redistribute the entire wealth in equal amounts to every single one on this planet, it will go back to the same hands, the very next day who have more skills, more connections. What we really need to work on is our mindset.

People who focus on building, creating and adding value to the world bring common good. With their positive attitude, society goes toward great direction of success, happiness and prosperity.

Some of you might be going through hardships in your life. I have full empathy with you but, just think for a second, simply just blaming everything on your outside circumstances is doing more harm to you than good. We might not have control on the external factors but, we do have control of our mind, our thoughts. So bounce back not for others but for your own good.

I’m not denying about, it’s gonna be smooth for you. You will face many challenges as soon as you decide to make dramatic changes in your life but, one thing I would say to you that, just hang in there. You are gonna fail many times but, don’t take it as a judgement, grab the enough courage to learn from it and go for another try! Keep trying until you start making steady change in your life.

Come back hard. Do your homework diligently and let the world hear you roaring with confidence and humility. Keep faith!
Bounce back hard!