Focus on few things

Focus on few things

Yes, you read it right, focus on few things is the need of the hour right now. Our problem is that, we wanna to take everything under our control. You look at your workplace, some people try to micromanage everything and when things don’t go as per the plan guess what? Chaos take place. With chaos everything falls apart. In this blog post, I would try to give more and more emphasis on focusing on few things.

I have said it many times while blogging our mind is restless cause, there’s too much of information to process. There are too many thoughts come and go in our mind. One simple thing. I would like you to do when ever you feel like you are overwhelmed, you need to breathe in breathe out until you feel good. 2nd thing I would like you to do if you are  having anxiety issues, before you go to bed write a positive thing in your journal or write about why you had a very good day in-spite of hardships during the day.

Remember, anxiety issues won’t disappear in a day. It takes time. Every good thing takes time and you need to have patience and leave everything on the universe. There’s nothing more I’d like to say. Do these 2 things with consistency. Consistency is the key. It leads to improvement in life. Focus on consistent efforts in making tremendous improvements in your life.

There’s are many problems we face to live our lives like financial, relationship, drugs and health. Instead of focusing on all of the problems together why don’t we start with health problems first and many of you might be thinking why we need to deal with health issues first why not money problems? The simple reason is because Health is wealth and it’s more important than making or losing money. So, why don’t make efforts to workout or go for walk for 15 minutes for 5 times in a week. With physical exercise, you will experience positive thoughts and optimistic thoughts leads to good actions. When you are active, you can focus more at work. You will be productive and effective in your work team. You will have better chances of making more money. Another benefit of focusing on health is that, people will find you more active and attractive. People will make genuine efforts in knowing you. By just focusing on basic workout you could tackle so many of your financial and relationship problems.

I would suggest you again, focus on one thing at a time and make sure it makes tremendous progress in your life and not just in your life but in all of those lives which are associated with you.

Focus on few is the key!