Value life and realness

Value life and Realness

I believe that, we can learn as many as skills we want. Just like a baby learns how to walk and talk even though he fails so many times but, he grabs himself up courageously and start walking again. I think we need to have the spirit of an infant to Live our lives. So, let’s start valuing our lives to have a meaning.
People often say that, why they should value their lives? They already have so much going on. Their lives are full of misery and resentment so, they can’t really do anything! Well, I say if you have already made your mind that, there is nothing more to a life then, why don’t you just lay in your bed. Have a peaceful sleep and wait for your end time. It’s heartbreaking when most of us have nihilistic view of point about life.
If some one is looking to find value in his life then, he should go out to a park and see kids playing. I am sure that, happiness is right there!
Why we have stopped valuing our lives?
I think that, we have over complicated our lives. We are looking for perfection in everything we do or say. With social media dominating our lives completely, we are seeking more for validation from outside than ever before. Real issues like responsibilities, family values, honesty, consistent discipline and love are losing their essence from our lives. Instead of focusing on the core values that sustain life, main stream media is covering the real issues with gender pronouns, evil social hierarchy structure, power, and status . As long as we are focusing on all of those things that have no give and take relationship with self improvement and realness, we can not grow as an individual. When we stop growing & stop investing in our lives then, there is no way we can provide clear direction to lead the community.
What is antidote to misery and resentment?
Life is hard. For some people it is tragic. I think that, if we just keep focusing on bad things, bad things will keep happening to us. It is simple law of attraction.Think good and attract happiness We need to start valuing our lives once again despite the fact that, life is not fair. We need to focus more on the fundamentals. Real things like taking care of self, spending time with loved ones & playing with kids to bring real happiness.
At the end, I will always choose life and realness cause, that’s what will help me in fulfilling my purpose.