Woke culture in corporate America

Woke culture in America is like a cancer in the body. The only purpose of this Cancer is to ruin your mind, body and soul. Woke culture in corporate America is destroying the economy on the basis of race, gender and diversity.

Companies in America are not hiring people based on competence but, truly on the basis of their skin colour, race and the diversity that comes with it. I tell you why the big companies are doing this. Financial companies like Vanguard and black rock have put billions and billions of dollars into these companies to control them financially. When you control the financial destiny of a company that means you are the one who is driving the car. It means it’s your hand on the steering wheel. Companies like Vanguard and black rock force the board of directors of big tech companies to go woke. The woke culture starts with HR department and then it spreads like a wildfire in the company.

I give you one example of woke culture. Pride month wasn’t even a thing few years ago. Look at now, every company in the west especially the big ones are celebrating it like a big festival. The perversive tyranny of a minority is celebrated over the majority. If someones who tries to step up is either being censored or fired. It seems like to me that, we are not living in the free world anymore.

Crony woke capitalists hate America so much that, they care about gender equity, racism and diversity issues here at home but what about the same principles and same ethics in country like China? They care about climate change in the west but, what about carbon emissions done by China, India and Russia?

Big companies like Walmart, Amazon, Google and many more are giving their emphasis on critical race theories. New employees and the old employees are given training on racism, gender and inclusivity. The employees are being taught about the real threat to America is not mental illness but, white supremacy. I tell you one thing, we don’t need garbage training. Workers want training that improves their competence and skill set.

America is done with racism, gender equity and inclusivity. People are waking up and they are starving for meaning and purpose in their life. The meaning and purpose can be only be found in God, family values and hard-work.
The west has to stand up against the tyranny of woke companies. I stand up for hard truths. Do you too?