Don’t be too much tolerant!


Yes, you read it right. I’m not against tolerance. I’m in full support of tolerance. In this blog post, I will talk about which side of tolerance I don’t like.

I support tolerant people who always go for seeking truth. I like people with patience who work constantly to improve their skills. I think we need more patient people in this world. We need patient civilians. We need patient scholars, scientists and employees. I’m in all support for patient trainers who work their tail off to provide good training to the new employees.

I hate tolerance when you know that, someone is ruining with the fundamentals of life. I don’t understand why we are accepting garbage in the name of tolerance. Everyone knows that, there are only 2 genders in this world. Either you are a man or a woman. It’s so bullshit for us to accept that, there are more than 2 genders in this world. We are being forced by the elites and the governments that, you have to tolerate it. If you say anything against it then, we will charge you with hate speech. This is complete nonsense. By tolerating lies, we are encouraging kids to become mentally ill.

Another thing we are forced to tolerate is climate change is real. Wildlife are taking place because of climate change. If Climate change was so real then, why are the banks still selling mortgages for 30 years? If climate change was so real why our elites and politicians travel with hundreds of cars? Climate change is just another word for complete control. The globalists and the elites don’t wanna to say it too loud so they came up with a term “climate change”. By the way, they have done nothing for the climate. They are forcing people to buy electric vehicles so they can have control over the cars. They have introduced carbon tax so that, they can exploit more people and put people back on poverty.

They are making us to tolerate the bullshit of illegals. Radical leftwing lunatics are forcing us to tolerate those who have entered the country illegally. Private property rights are being exploited in many states of US. The democrats and the liberals are welcoming all the criminals and the rapists from other parts of the world just to show the world that, they support diversity.

No more tolerance to their new world order agenda. Let freedom be celebrated. We didn’t get no rights from the government, but we got all the rights from our Creator. No more tolerance to their stupidity. Stand up for Truth.