Corporate media and wokeness!


Wokeness is a real threat to the world. Being radical woke is threat to free speech. The reason I write so much about wokeness because, it has only one mission: Mission to destroy civilization in the west. We can’t ignore the role of corporate media of brainwashing millions and millions of people.

We think that, the main stream news channels care about people and raise the valid concerns of their viewers but, ever since, wokeness is introduced in our lives, everything has changed. There’s more talks on news channels regarding race, gender ideology and fake climate change than any healthy debates on real crisis in housing sector, inflation, rise in crimes.

Most of the Journalists have sold their soul to advance the radical agenda of wokeness. Instead of asking real questions about why the mental health crisis has become so worse? The corporate media is asked to be pro LGBTQ. I got no negative views on LGBTQ but, we can’t allow the perversive tyranny of the minority over the majority. We can’t suppress the voice of the majority to promote radical agenda of the minority.

The primary responsibility of the journalism has changed to preserve, protect and defend the special interests of the globalists/elites who are in power. Most of the corporate media receives money from the government in the form of advertisements. When you get money from globalists then, your job is to ignore the interests of common people.

We are seeing the role of social media especially Metaverse (Facebook) of systematically suppressing hunter Biden’s laptop story and the bribes that the Biden family got from Ukraine. We can’t even ignore the fact about the lies of corporate media about the origin of covid because, we know from where they are receiving the money from
The primary responsibility of any true journalism is to protect, preserve and defend the spirit of democracy. The role of the media is to defend the truth.
Truth wins every time.