Cut out the bullshit.

Hey, you? Aren’t you tired of the bullshit excuses you are making to yourself every single day? Every day, you do the same mistakes over again and again. You know pretty well that, the mistakes that you are making are not helping you in anyway. So, why don’t you cut down the bullshit and get back to work.

You are put forth in this world to do something meaningful. You are made so that, you can bear the burden of responsibilities to do something good for the society. If you wake up in the morning, and don’t give a thanks to your Creator for creating you, and giving you a yet another beautiful day to live, I would like to say to you that, you better find something meaningful.

You got immense potential in you. You are the one responsible for your potential. You can either create something out of it or you can go with full force and destroy it. Sadly, this is what our young men and women are doing. Just to satisfy their instant gratification, they go for cheap thrills. You know why young men and women are so unhappy cause they are willfully destroying their potential. For young guys, they are addicted to porn, masturbation, alcohol, drugs, weed. For young women especially, radical feminists are destroying womanhood by encouraging more and more young girls to objectify their sexuality. Young girls are taught that, if a man is trying to control you then, it’s an attack on your freedom. If your man saying things like your dress is too much revealing then, you leave him. Why we are teaching our young girls garbage? Why we are not teaching our young guys to be more responsible and it’s their job to protect and lead their family?

I’m glad some young men and women are waking up. They are following the path of righteousness and that’s why I’m on the mission of seeking truth and open the eyes of my fellow young friends.

Young men and women you need to cut down the bullshit and get back to work.