What’s in my destiny?

Future is attractive cause, it makes us curious. It’s unpredictable. Tens of billions of dollars are being spent on making wild guesses about tomorrow. If you can’t think about any example let me give you some- money invested in stock markets, real estate, future of our kids after high school graduation, relationship plannings, making home budgets and many more. It’s all about what’s next in our destiny. Future always keeps us wondering.
There’s no human being on the planet who doesn’t think about future. Everyone does and everyone should. The reason why we are born is not to sit on our asses and do nothing but, to work, build and create for better tomorrow. The biggest mystery is this, we don’t know what future is holding for us? We all are trying to make sure that, whatever we are doing in present whether good or bad, we just hope that, it should bring us better future.
We all got some wild expectations/hopes for our future. For a drug addict, he hopes to curb his toxic habits. A businessman hopes for better growth for his business venture. For a father, better future for his entire family. I some times wonder if ‘hope’ was listed as a stock on NYSE, I would have made a lot of money. You know why? We all hope for better tomorrow. We all bid for better future. We all hope for better circumstances.
Destiny, just doesn’t magically appear by itself. We need to work for it. We need to connect the dots of our past to the present and with present, we can make predictions about future. Whatever you did in your past, whether good or bad, you will do the same thing in the present and soon your present will become past cause, time never stops for anyone!
By realizing your past mistakes and being aware about your present by having harmony with your actions might bring good/productive results into your life.
I believe that, there’s no future. There’s only present. Every present moment is turning into your past with the flow of time. So, if just have present at our disposal, why don’t we make a peace deal with it? Instead of living a restless life by continuously thinking about future why can’t we make harmony with our current actions.
I truly believe that, a better destiny is possible for all of us if we just focus on today- right now! It’s hard, but it’s worth trying.
What’s next in your destiny- only your present!