What do kids need right now

Let me talk to you straight, if someone is talking about right of freedom and speech, He or she shouldn’t not be considered as extremist. If some one talks about our kids need to know that, the history is based on truth rather than on feeling, there’s no way we should buyout that person who’s on the right side – on the side of truth. I don’t wanna to talk about who’s right or who’s on the left side of the debate, All I know that, I’m on kids side. We should not tolerate anyone who’s trying to make our kids weak and ashamed of themselves whether it’s our governments, leftists or social media influencers. We should stand up for right.

Have you ever noticed that, ever since, kids have gotten closer and closer to social media especially, to tiktok life of little folks have become much harder than ever before. Teenagers are taking huge amounts of stress in their lives. They are increasingly dependent on antidepressants, anxiety pills.
With the indoctrination of CRT (critical Race Theory) Radical sex theories early on in our kids life in schools, it is making their situation bad to worse. Parents send their loving kids to schools with an expectation to see their kids work, create, build beautiful things in present for better tomorrow. It’s not easy to break to my readers that, the opposite is happening in schools. Kids are coming back to their parents and saying things like, I’m not sure whether I’m a boy or disclosing their parents that, I wanna to be trans. If concerned parents try to take stand up for their children and make schools accountable for what they are teaching social media, globalists, leftists pretend those worried parents as the enemy of their kids. I wonder why most of the parents have given up and don’t say anything to their kids when irrational thoughts come up to their minds.
I have said it so many times instead of telling our children that, feeling are way more important than the truth why don’t we just focus on telling our kids that, in order to have reliable future, the best thing they can do is to seek truth. It is to take care of their humble and noble responsibilities towards their lives. They seriously need to come out of trap created by radical left wing people.

The only thing the kids need to take away from this blog post is to abandon woke culture. They need to move beyond woke culture. They need to invest in improving their relationships with their parents by getting closer to God, sacrificing their toxic habits for better future. We need to make sure that we need to prepare our kids to protect, preserve and defend the western civilization.