The clock is ticking

Time never stops. It never rests. The clock is always ticking. How can we make best use of time is always a big question that runs in our minds 24/7. In this blog post I’m here to remind you the importance of time.
Everyone of us got 24 hours in a day and how we use those 24 hours really make a huge difference in our lives. The big question is this how do we use our time? Do we mostly consume our time or do we use it productively to get ahead in our lives? With so much of information to process these days, it’s sometimes hard to find time. I believe that, because of too much is going around us, we have reduced our attention span.
We can not deny that fact that, everyone wanna to get to the top of their fields but, only few have the mighty courage to make it happen. We call them successful people. We envy their lives but, often times we forget that, they made the best use of their time. They used it productively. I’m not saying that , in order to use time efficiently you need to stay awake all night and keep working 24*7 that’s not a right strategy. The right strategy is that find 2-3 hours in a day and make best use of it. Instead of using your time for entertainment at first, we can get the important shit done for the day first.
Let me give you an example how wise people use their time and how common people use their time- A wise man always picks important/self improvement things first (reading book, writing, working out, making important calls for his business purposes and so on) and then, moves on to consume his time by looking for entertainment ( scrolling up and down on social media) whereas, any other person would say to himself that, since there’s too much to be done during the day so, why not to watch some tv? Why not to go on tik-tok and keep watching endless funny videos. By the time he’s done watching guess what, he is left with very little time and always do the important stuff/self improvement things in rush or delays it to the next day or complain about lack of time.
The problem is not lack of time. It is lack of willpower to distinguish between consumption of time and making investment with time. Any person who is responsible enough puts his goals first because he knows that, people who are associated with him are dependent upon him. For him using his time productively comes first instead of just wasting it. A responsible man never forgets that, clock is ticking.
So, let’s use our time on this planet to get all those things done first that could truly help the mankind. Let’s focus our energy on common good by engaging in self improvement. Let’s increase our attention span by reducing our time on social media. The choice is yours. No amount of money can give you an extra hour in a day. Remember always clock is ticking.