Victimhood is a choice!

We got freedom of choice in our lives. We are free to decide what we need in our lives. We can decide to be happy or we can decide to be resentful. It’s all the choices of our divine mind. We are happy the most when we are connected with the highest activity of our life with virtues like truth, justice and humility. We are depressed the most when we are engaged in resentful acts and play a role of victim.

Hardship is a part of life. Struggle is a part of your life. Hardships are necessary to be happy. Victimhood or playing a games of blame is a choice. Over the past half a decade, victimhood is on its rise just like inflation and housing crises in the west. The radical leftists are telling people that, if your skin colour is black then, you are inherently oppressed. If your skin colour is white then, you are racist. The radical politics is dividing people on the basis of their skin colour.

The victimhood mentality is like a cancer that is destroying the lives of many people. The woke culture has made people more and more fragile. Even if you stand up with the truth and expose the lies of the government then, you are considered as a domestic terrorist. More and more emphasis are given on validating the unnecessary feelings rather than validating the truth. Ever since, we are complaining like a little bitch, our lives have gone from bad to worse.

Kids are confused about their gender.Young people are confused about meaning and purpose in their lives. There’s a deeper void in our lives and we are trying to fill the void with victimhood, race, gender and climate change and so far it’s not helping us in any way or form. The more we try to indulge in our race, ethnicity and gender the more confused we are becoming. We really need something else. We need to fill the void with God, family values and national pride.

At the end, I would say to you that victimhood is a choice and fall in its trap