Leave the kids alone!


Gender ideology is taking place in every school and colleges of America and Canada. We are living in the moment of perversive censorship. It means that, if you say anything against radical gender ideology, you are termed as racist. Our kids need concrete direction. They don’t need to be confused about their gender. Enough is enough. Leave the kids alone!

Over the last half decades, there’s a new form of religion is born. The name of the religion is gender and racial ideology. We are witnessing the impact of this nonsense on our kids. They are becoming more and more depressed and resentful. Confusion in the name of more 2 genders is destroying the future.

It is so sad to see that, the government, school boards and radical teachers are encouraging kindergarten kids about radical sexual orientation. In order to get money from the government, the head of the school boards have sold their souls and spreading the propaganda of globalists by teaching kids about you could be born in wrong body or it’s okay to be confused. Let me speak the truth. No matter how many times the government says to you it cares about LGBTQ community but, the fact of the matter is that, they just don’t care about them at all. The main mission or the priority of your government and my government is to control us and the best way to control us is to confuse us mentally.

When a female kid says that, she feels like she is born in a wrong body and instead of helping the kid what we are doing is trying to affirm the confusion. I believe that, it is the fault of the family for not showing proper directions to their kids and as a result they are drifting around in the middle of the ocean just to go nowhere. We don’t need to stand down for truth. We need to stand up for truth unapologetically.
It doesn’t matter to me if they block my access to my social media account or freeze my bank account I will not give up on the critical issue that is bothering the lives of many young kids across this nation. I will say to you that, doctors who are giving puberty blockers and opposite hormones to our kids must be thrown into the jail. The civilized society has no place for those who are sexually assaulted our kids.

At the end, I would say that, many parents are stepping up and taking their kids out of public school and going for homeschooling. The fundamental duty of every school is to teach kids about how to build and create things for the betterment of the world. I’m sure, gender, race and confusion has no give and take relationship in the lives of our kids.
Leave the kids alone!