Responsible men make better world

A man has to protect and provide for his family!
Dear men,
You are on a mission. You got humble and forthright goal in front of you to take care of not just yourself in a careful manner but, to protect and provide for your family. It’s very depressing to say that, men these days are wandering aimlessly on social media and becoming more and more depressed. With the help of my blogs my goal is clear crystal is to help men to take control of their lives and start giving steady direction to the entire mankind.
The world is facing crises of responsible men. How the hell we reached here? It doesn’t happen in a day. All I know that, it started with when we brain wash for young men. Social media played a very significant role to make young men suffer incredibly. With all that senseless & baseless garbage on social media platform to teach young men about it’s okay for men to be weak, it’s okay for men to be confused about their biology status… let me put it straight it’s not okay! Men are meant to be tough. They are built to take maximum load of responsibilities on their shoulders to make sure that world doesn’t come to apart.

Dear men, there’s huge difference between men and female (physically, mentally and emotionally). I don’t care what the society says but my thinking is very clear you can’t become female if you are male and vice versa. Even if you decided to go for expensive treatment, you can’t defy your nature. You can’t mess up with your biology. Men have to come out of the trap created by government that run on corporate money. They need to come out of stupid social media content that has no give and take relationship with the vision of being a man. They need to stop watching main stream media that is working tirelessly 24/7 to make men overly emotional.
My fellow men, you have gotten a great gift from the creator to make best use of your semen. Instead of losing your mind in porn addiction, drugs abuse you need to harness your semen for higher goals, for the common good of the world. You need to focus all your energy into building, creating and adding value to the world.Men are made to glorify God, not celebrities. Men are made to seek truth, serve others with justice. Don’t have doubts. Start building your life by working out, Give importance to reading, writing, saving money and investing it.
It’s so hard for me to see that, our men are working from pay-check to pay-check, begging government for the money, living a life of complaining and whining. Enough is enough. You are here on this planet to justify your existence by following the path of righteousness.
Open the book of history. Take inspiration from great men. Read philosophy. Read about great rulers, inventors. Sharpen your mind by reading about ancient history. Those men did something for humanity. Their blood is flowing in your veins. Follow them.
There’s are couple of things you really need to put straight to your head, mind and soul
Worship God only. (Read spiritual books)
Take responsibility towards your life and make it better
Retain your semen and serve mankind
Quit complaining and whining
Men, life is tough. You need to show some toughness, some endurance, some determination to make progress in your life!
You got more than a job. Protect and provide for your family