Don’t get lost in dense fog

Keep Going, Let truth, justice and kindness show you the path in dense fog!

We need to head towards the right direction.
Let me ask you this when you are coming back to your house from a drive of 3 long hours in a dense fog would you like to get lost or would you follow the directions that leads towards your house? Now imagine how much time we waste, when we head towards the wrong direction in our lives. It’s a matter worth writing. So, let me give it a try…
I’m not saying that, we need to be right all the times. We need to know that, we are a part of a broken world. There’s a presence of good and evil in our lives and that’s a human nature to commit sins (lie, deceive & dishonesty) I wanna to make one thing very clear that, we can’t be right all the times because time changes, intentions change, behaviour changes. I mean there are hundreds of things change. There’s always something new to learn. There’s no shame to accept it when you are in a wrong direction of your life. At least, you have the courage to accept your flaws.
There’s always a come back from the path of evilness as long as you recognize the strength & courage of your soul.
Some people in the jails realize that, they took the lives of many innocent people in the heat of aggression. They try to repent their heinous acts against humanity and come back home to make positive changes in their lives but, also for their families for keeping peace in the community. So, if some vicious criminals transform themselves into better person then, why can’t we?
I know that, some of you might not like to see your faces in the mirror cause you hate yourself. You might say to me hey Kush, I got all the valid reasons why do I hate myself but, I will say to you that, you would get lost in the dense fog if you don’t care. At least, think about your family members eagerly waiting for you to come back home. If, you don’t care about your family at least, take care of your inner voice. You can’t do anything against your own nature/will. So, make efforts to follow right path in your life.
There’s no doubt that, the right direction leads to happiness & prosperity. But, before taking right direction it’s okay to put step in wrong direction. Get some experience. Get the taste of evilness. If there’s any strength in your conscience, it will force you to go to right direction. Don’t feel helpless. Let the virtues like honesty, just, free will, kindness, truth and humility enlighten your path
Don’t get lost in fog