Pills won’t make you happy

pills won’t make you happy

Anxiety pills, antidepressants, energy pills and many other countless pills are dominating our lives. Pills, pills and more pills that’s what we are made up of now! This is a serious issue we are facing and we seriously need to open our eyes!
It’s hard not to ignore that, our kids are taking antidepressants, they are on anti anxiety meds. Why is that? Instead of playing blame games, we really need to step forward to save our kids lives. There’s no doubt that, hundreds of thousands of kids are no pills for what? Just to feel happy. If they’re not consistent with the meds guess what? They just suddenly become cranky. This vicious cycle keeps goes on. Our school kids are going through too many challenges. They have to focus on their school work. They have to find part time job. They have to fulfill their parents aspirations. Peer pressure and relationship challenges. There is an endless list of problems that our kids are facing. I really don’t wanna to go into details but, I wanna to go deeper and deeper into finding concrete solutions for this issue.

I truly believe that, the first thing we must be doing is to become aware about life is not a fair game. There are ups and downs. If we just encourage our kids about just taking anti depressants and run away from their problems then, we are not helping all of those who are becoming weak. We need to be better than that.
Parents and school professors have to show some courage and say to their kids that, taking pills won’t make them courageous. Taking pills won’t make their problems to disappear. In the face of adversity they need to stand firm and keep their head down and fight, fight and fight for the right thing.
Pharmaceutical companies are literally making millions of dollars by selling garbage in the name of anti- anxiety meds to common people. We need to realize this, pills might work for a day or for 2 days and then what? You need to go back and take them again. What kind of life is this where if we don’t take the pills and lose our smile and become cranky and react in an agitated manner.
We need to understand especially kids, pharmaceutical companies, governments, mainstream media, social media (global matrix) wanna to make you weak and nihilistic.

When you are a product of globalists, they can make any rules, they can restrict your activities. They can control you. Taking anxiety meds, energy pills and antidepressants are waste. You need a purpose. You need to engage in physical activities, writing, reading and spend more time with your loved ones. Do this for a week and see where you stand but, for a week make sure not to take any bullshit pills. Stay active. Take this as a challenge and if you don’t find any change then, go back to your old activities but, for the love of life, give it a try
I will say once again
Pills won’t make you happy.