Make a peace deal with yourself!

What’s the point of living a restless life? You look at the world around you it seems like we are in never ending race. We have forgotten about we came here with nothing and we will go from here with nothing. If this is the case then, why can’t we make a peace deal with ourselves? In this blog post, I would like to talk about this topic in detail.

Ever since, we are born on this planet, we just find ourselves in never ending cycle of pain and suffering. When a baby is born he fights for his survival. When the baby becomes a little bit older, he leans how to walk, sit and talk (basic human activities) .

when a baby becomes a little bit more older, he then goes to school and finds himself completely in a different atmosphere where he makes friends and enjoys their company (not necessarily though) then the kid transforms into a teenager. For a teenager, school is not just a place to study but, fundamentally important for forming opinions about others. Ego is at maximum. It’s hard for a teenager to swallow his pride.

As a teenager grows older, he finds himself deeper and deeper in the vicious cycle of life. He is burdened with overwhelming responsibilities not just towards his own life but, he also, need to take account of his family, friends and work. This cycle just goes on and on until we find ourselves in a death bed.

The responsibilities in life just get bigger and bigger. We find no time to even listen to our inner voice. If this is the case for most of us then what do we really need to do? Should we just sit on our asses with our head down and just wait and wait?
One thing you need to put straight to your head is that, you can’t be everything. The moment you realize this thing you will find yourself coming out of the restless cycle slowly but, surely- step by step. The moment you understand it’s practically impossible to impress everyone you will find inner peace. I have said this earlier and I will say one more time that perfection has killed the creativity of millions of people. You don’t have to be victim of perfection. It will make you restless, bitter and resentful. Believe me you are better than that.

For the fun part of your life, you don’t have to drown yourself in drinking and senseless eating. You need to say no with conviction. Engage yourself in reading, writing, dancing and drawing sketches. I’m sure that, if you engage in any one of these activities you will find peace of mind.
Make a promise with yourself that, you will make a peace deal and live in harmony with nature. Believe in sharing and have faith in creator. You are a sensible person the more you believe in sharing the more will come back to you from unknown sources.
Go and make peace deal with yourself otherwise, it will be too late